Pro-Series S3VT Kit [1 Valve 6026-INT]


Drain Master Pro-Series S3VT Valves come with a 5 year warranty !

6026-INT Single Valve kit includes:

1 Pro-Series S3VT valve with dual port module, waterproof IP66 rated
1 Single switch pre-installed in Snap-in Housing, sealed IP66, Carlingtech – with Super Bright Red and SOFT Green LED, unobtrusive in RV interior locations
1 Interface Cable, IP 66, 20 Ft (Custom lengths available)
1 Power connector pigtail with seals
1 Set of Seals, Lube and Hardware

Switch mounting style: Switch housing snap mounts directly to the panel

More information on pre-configured S3VT Valve kits, compatible products and optional accessories is available at: DM103 S3VT Valve Configuration Guide.pdf


The Smart Sensing Valve Technology features:

• On-board custom, slim profile Electronic controller
• Waterproof IP66 rating
• Small molded style connectors with easy-routing interconnect cables
• Direct to Valve 12VDC Power- lossless regardless of switch to valve distance
• Controller opens or closes valve in under a second
• Push button triggered, no switch press time dependency
• High accuracy solid state sensors and feedback control
• Controller stops motor at precise target position
• Stainless Steel gearing
• Vastly improved reliability and precision
• Lossless reverse polarity protection
• Power-Up sensing – Valve homes to ‘Safe’ closed position at power up
• Power-on Green LED indicator
• Protection Seals on 12V power connector and included pigtail
• Expandability – easy to add more Valves and switches
• Adaptable to External controllers and Automation
• RoHS and Lead Free compliant


Upgradeability: Valve controller has two ports ensuring upgradeability
‘Add-a-2nd Switch’ can be done at any time with the following items, sold separately

Single switch in Housing, sealed IP66, Carlingtech: PN 5964-EXT (Exterior )
Single switch, sealed IP66, Carlingtech: PN 5787-EXT (Exterior )
Single Switch (Exterior) plus Master Switch in Dual Housing: PN 5968-1OS1MS
IP 66-2 cable, 20 Ft: PN 5955-IP66-20′ Rnd. Cable Ass. Custom cable lengths are available.

Tech Data



• 12 V DC, 3’’ Full flow valve
• On board Electronics Controller with feedback gate position control
• High accuracy Semiconductor position sensors
• IP 66 Compliant – waterproof, sealed electronics
• Reverse Polarity protected
• Power-On safe ‘homing’ to closed position
• Operating time: 0.5 sec Typical at 12 V; 0.75 sec max
• Sensors provide Red (Open), Green (Closed) LED status to operating switch
• 2 ports for 2 switches (2nd switch option)
• Port Interface: Waterproof IP66 connector when mated and secured to male
• Connector Type: Custom molded, 10 mm OD x 37 mm L, 4 pin female, gold plated contacts
• Screw-on protective cap (included on unused port if applicable)
• Compatible with 2 types of switches – for exposed or protected locations
• Green Power-On LED on the on board controller
• Back up Active motor safety: Internal timer 0.8-0.85 seconds
• Voltage range: 10.8 volts – 14.4 Volts. 12 V Nominal
• 12V power connector pigtail with seal included
• Stand by current under 50 ma with 2 switch LEDs active
• Slim profile, under ½”, on-board controller – fits tight spaces
• Internal gearing: 303 Stainless steel, Swiss made
• Durable ABS, injection molded Valve Body and Parts
• Manual Override from both sides of valve with 1/8” Allen key included
• Easily attached to 3″ ABS male or female bolt-on flange fittings. Mounting HW included
• Adaptable to most pipe sizes with proper fittings
• Special Seals Included
• Lubricant Dow Corning 111 included


• Mounting: Switch comes preinstalled in snap-fit housing
• Switch Type: Momentary contact rocker with custom PCB assembly
• Illumination: Internal Bright RED and SOFT Green LED
• Sealing: Switch to Housing sealed with closed cell gasket; Switch sealed with dual seals around LEDs and rocker stem
• IP rating: IP66 from front panel
• Hole cutout for snap fit housing: 0.99 inch x 1.90 inch (25.1 mm x 48.3 mm)
• Panel thickness : Min: 0.062 inch (1.57 mm) Max: 0.375 inch (9.52 mm)
• Rear clearance requirement: 1.92 Inch measured from front of panel (Housing seating surface)
• Interface: 6/4 RJ 11 socket, gold plated contacts, mounted on rear PCB assembly
• Actuator: Aesthetic symmetrically curved, black nylon
• Actuating force: 460 grams +/- 30, (4.5 N +/- 0.3)
• Actuating distance to rocker center: 20 mm
• Lens – Dual prismatic, clear polycarbonate set in rocker
• Operating life: 50,000 cycles min
• Industry certification: Switch meets MIL Std. 202F, MIL Std. 810C, UL 1500, ISO 8846, IEC 60529 and BS 5490

IP66-2 CABLE DM PN 5955-IP66-20’ Rnd. Cable Ass

• Type: AWM Style 2464 Cable
• Core: 4
• Wire: 4 x insulated cores, stranded copper, 7/30 per core, 26 AWG, Black Outer Sheath
• Cable OD: 3.5 mm (0.140 inch)
• Length: 20 Ft std.; (Custom lengths available)
• Temp Rating: 60 Deg. C
• Voltage rating: 150V
• Controller interface: Waterproof IP66 connector when mated and secured to female
• Connector Type: Custom molded, 12.9 mm OD x 36.5 mm L., 4 pin male, gold plated contacts
• Switch interface: 6/4 RJ11 Plug, Gold plated contacts, for stranded copper round wire


Pro-Series S3VT Valve Kit Installation

Kit installation involves 3 steps – a) Installing Valve b) Operator switch and cable c) 12 VDC wiring
Use the links below to S3VT Companion Documents

(Note: For Switches in Housings, Mono through Penta, use panel cutout and clearances in DM 114 instead of DM102)

Follow the instructions to complete the installation process

DM101 S3VT Valve Installation
DM102 S3VT Operating Switch and Cable Installation
DM114 Multi-Switch Housing Panel Cutouts and Clearances
DM104 S3VT 12V DC Wiring Diagram

PDF Files open in a new window – view in browser or save for off-line viewing or printing


Application information on Pro-Series S3VT valve kits can be determined from:
DM103 S3VT Valve Configuration guide

PDF Files open in a new window – view in browser or save for off-line viewing or printing

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