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Waste Master

A short paragraph in FMCA’s magazine led me to and Doug Schwartz. A phone call and I had the best modification done to our classic GMC in the 14 years of ownership. In three hours Doug installed one of his collapsible black-water drain systems. No more mess, no more hassling and swearing at leaky connections in the rain or swatting mosquitoes in the hot sun. Just pull up to where you want to dump; pull out the hose and put the end in the ground. Dump, flush a couple of times, drain, and put hose back in storage – done!Fast, simple, easy, convenient, and I could go on, but you get the idea. Doug is a good guy, call him and believe me, your life will get a lot easier when you journey.

Dave Case

Case Boats

I have been a customer of Waster Master for the past four years and have been a RV’er for the past 25 years, owning class A motorhomes and 5th wheels. In my years of RV’ing the most unpleasant experience is black and grey water dumping. The bayonet style hook ups are at best inefficient and at worst a smelly unsanitary condition.

Four years ago I purchased a 2006 Alpine Apex that was fitted with the Waste Master System. After learning the workings of the system, I am extremely satisfied with the various functions the system performs. From the nozzle with open/close positions that prevent unwanted spills, to the clear plastic window at the nozzle, to determine the clean out is finished.

Friends who have RV’s and have seen how my system works, are quite interested in Waste Master, with the idea of retrofitting their vehicle or the purchase of RV’s equipped with this system. That is however, a limited option within the industry.

I do believe this is a far superior system compared to present archaic systems being installed in today’s RV’s. This to me seems to be a very strong selling point in the making of rv’s and I’m surprised more of the industry hasn’t upgraded to Waste Master. This is a system that is not limited to just Class A motorhomes, in my humble opinion.

I believe that my next purchase of a class A motorhome or other type of RV will be influenced by whether this system is installed.

Steve Davis

We purchased our Waste Master hose a few months back but really wanted to add the hose storage to get the full benefit. We purchased the storage box from Drain Master but were not comfortable with the installation because of the possibility of drilling into one of our holding tanks.

We called Drain Master for some advice. One of the first things they asked was if we would be in the area of their shop in Hollister, Ca in the near future. As luck would have it we had a trip planned to Monterey during the summer. They told us to come by and they would be happy to do the install for us. From the minute we showed up we were treated like family.

Doug and everyone in the office were super friendly and invited us into the warehouse to look at other products and accessories. The installation was flawless and looks and functions as good as a manufacturer install. The system is amazing and turns one of the more unpleasant necessities of RVing into a clean and simple process. Great product, amazing service and great people!

The Logan's

Thank you for the wonderful tour of your factory and the courtesy audit of our 2008 Newell Coach Waste Master installation. I can certainly understand why we have never received a Waste Master system from you that was less than perfect. Your testing of each and every system before it is shipped is truly unique in the industry, and makes for very happy customers.

Keep up the good work.

John Clark

Vice President/Customer Service, Newell Coach Corporation

I have over the past 10 years of owning motorhomes purchased at least 4 different waste hose systems looking for the holy grail of dump hose set ups.

With your Waste Master Cam Lock Adapter Kit I finally seem to have found it.

Retrofitting the cam lock to my existing set up was straight forward and simple. Setting up my sewer drain hose is now simple and for the first time gives me complete confidence there will be no more leaks and the dump process will be as clean and easy as promised.

Extremely satisfied Customer

R. Hurst

We replaced our failed Sani Con dump system with your Waste Master product about three months ago and are 1000% satisfied with both the performance and the quality of the materials used.

It’s nice NOT to have the factory-installed hoses leak anymore (the pump dripped since new) and being able to thoroughly empty the tanks in a few seconds–compared to about five minutes with the old one. The pump is a real joy–faster and it really IS cleaner.

The best part is finally getting rid of a very slight sewage odor that persisted since the first day we took our coach out, despite my meticulous tank maintenance program and use of chemicals, now the only thing the dw (Dear Wife) comments on when coming out of the bathroom is how nice the hand soap smells !!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all you help and technical assistance.

Betsy & Tom

I just installed the Waste Master Cam Loc system. I am very pleased with the construction of the hose, the connections and especially the nozzle. I think you should add a better description on your website about the nozzle on the end of the hose. It is a heavy duty ball type valve shut off, that has a very positive shutoff. I thought it might have just a flapper valve of some sort. The ball type is a great way to shut this off in a positive way, no leaks. All components are very heavy duty. Should last forever and should never leak. Well worth the money. Wish I had bought it sooner. And as a final recommendation, the people at Drain Master were great to work with.
Ron J

As an avid RV’er, Ellen and I spend about four to six months in our 2002 Dynasty, traveling with friends around this great country of ours. We RV ers are always looking for things to individualize our coaches as well as arranging stuff in an organized, easy to get to way. Being organized lets you carry more stuff.

Our coach has most of the bells and whistles and we have added many things in this pursuit. We recently left a Camping World store and spent less than $25.00. A real feat as we usually spend in excess of $100 per visit, four to six times a year.

As you all know, hook up item is the nastiest and most unsanitary aspect of dealing with service connections. I have spent all kinds of money on sewer hoses, supports, endless fittings, and chemicals in an attempt to make emptying the holding tanks less of a hassle. Recently I solved the problem entirely!!!

As it turns out, a friend of mine has been working on this problem for some time in a much more dedicated way than I or my friends had.

The product is called Waste Master, which makes emptying the holding tanks as simple as putting gas in a car. Drain Master Industries has designed a complete systems approach to waste evacuation and has been working with RV manufacturers to install the system on new coaches.

Seeing the unit in action convinced me I wanted it on my coach. After much arm-twisting, Drain Master agreed to retrofit my Dynasty.

The retrofit started with complete removal of the service-bay holding tanks on my coach. New holding tanks were manufactured to get the outlets in the proper position. The installation would be very simple during the manufacturing process of a motor home a simple change in design.

The Waste Master system installation went according to plan with air hookups a new electrical circuit and the heart of the system, the sewer hose, nozzle and enclosure. The enclosure door was painted to match the exterior of my coach and looks like a factory installation. We also were able to take many before and after photographs to document this experience.

We are now on our way, a two and a half month trek across the country. I am having a ball running into my fellow RV ers and showing them the cleanest dumping system ever. It’s fast, safe, sanitary and easy to use. The best part of all, Waste Master makes waste removal uneventful.

I’m happy to demonstrate my greatest addition and tell everyone about it. This Waste Master system gets a huge thumbs up from us.

Happy Trails!

Jerry & Ellen

FMCA Members

Why did I buy the system?
Our new Tiffin Allegro Open Road has two slides on the driver’s side, one of which covers the wet bay compartment. With two arthritic knees and a replaced hip, I have difficulty crawling under the slides to dump the tanks. We snowbird in Pismo Beach, CA for 4-5 months each winter and it is too cumbersome to pull the slides in every time I need to dump the tanks. Plus, being 6’3” means I have to really crouch down to avoid hitting my head on the slide. So I was looking for a way to dump the tanks remotely.

How was the system installed?
I elected to go to the Drainmaster facility in Hollister, CA and have them do the installation. The way Tiffin setup the wet bay, there was a partition blocking direct access to the tanks. I was reluctant to disconnect all the plumbing and electrical connections on that partition, so we stopped by Hollister to have it installed on our way south for the winter. Ignacio and Doug did a great job on the installation. Very professionally done and I was able to watch so that I know how it was done. I’m very glad that I had it done and that they did it so well.

How satisfied am I with the system?
I am totally happy with the system. I can now dump the tanks from inside the coach or from a back compartment outside. The results actually exceeded my expectations as now my wife is willing to dump the tanks – something she would never go near before.

D. Krajcar

Electric & Smart Valves

I am very happy with the Pro-Series Electronic Valves with switches inside as well as out, coupled to the always connected Waste Master Ultimate Sewer Hose Storage System from Drain Master. I recently ordered a new Alliance RV and my first stop will be to Drain Master for the same system I have on my current Cedar Creek. I wouldn’t own another RV without them and wish manufacturers would offer this great system as an option.

C. Brigantino

I live in my RV and have been using your electric waste valves for four years. I hope to never be without them again! Drain Master Electric Valves have changed my life. After proper installation, my RV has never leaked. Dumping black water is now as easy as flipping a switch from the comfort and warmth of the inside of my rig. I would highly recommend Drain Master Electric Valves to any serious RV’ er who would like to expand their enjoyment of camping.

Happy Camping!

Kathy S

We have a Prowler 5th wheel. Draining the black water was a real problem, I had to crawl under the trailer to pull the drain control. Now, it’s a breeze, just push the switch and the black tank is drained. I fill the tank with a hose and drain until I see clear water flowing. We love the Drain Master.

Bob & Joan G


I would not live without a Drain Master since on my last RV, it was a wonderful thing. I live in a travel trailer now too and have one, and it is just the best invention. I tell everyone about it…..

Debbie H

Sierra Vista, AZ

We love our Drain Master valves. They make emptying the tanks quick and easy.

Preston & Bev J.

We are really happy with our Drain Master valves. They make dumping much easier.

Ken & Nola S.

Wanted to let you know, I lived in an rv 4 years in the oil field in North Dakota. 1st year, dug snow out from around my dump valve, that was double wrapped in heat tape to dump my holding tank. and was still froze shut at times. Installed your Drainmaster dump valve, and wrapped it once with heat tape, worked for 2 years, never failed. Even in -36 degree temps and -62 wind chill. Over the course of 4 years, I did wear out 2 of your valves.

VERY GOOD Product!!! Keep up the good work!!!


North Dakota

I have an Eagle and it takes 3 valves. They work really, really well. I am so pleased.

Joe & Barb M.

The Drain Master is a great mod to our 97′ Sea Breeze. It’s really convenient to just activate the switch and dump. I’ve coupled it with one of those piccolo pipe units that spray water in the tank while we dump. A couple of activations and we run clean and are finished! As I told National RV, the Drain Master would be a great addition to their RV’s.

Warren Y.

Cupertino, CA

I’ve got 2 of them – wouldn’t have anything else.


This is an unsolicited testimonial letter, to thank you for the outstanding service you provided on our RV during our visit to your plant last week.

We were having trouble with the electric dump valve on the black waste tank of our 2005 Phoenix Cruiser. The key Phoenix executives felt our problem would be best diagnosed and solved by you and your staff – if we were “up” for the 150-mile round trip to Hollister and return to our home on the San Francisco Peninsula.

The purpose of this letter is to tell you-and any interested party-that the trip was well worthwhile. You not only took care of the mechanical problem, you also provided snacks to tide us over until we could find a spot for lunch.

We arrived at your plant just before noon. In no more than 10 minutes you and one of your factory mechanics were –literally- on the ground, analyzing our problem. The two of you worked straight through the lunch hour, until you had replaced both the black and gray valves with your improved version of that part. It was an important replacement for us because of the improved design of you manual over-ride feature.

You not only replaced both valves which you had manufactured-you also reinstalled a section of the waste line itself, because you noticed it was improperly aligned.

Needless to say, we very much appreciate the way you stand behind your product, and want to thank you for the courtesy and efficiency demonstrated during our visit. We took off on a 5-day trip to the gold country the very next day and everything worked perfectly.

Les K.

San Mateo, CA

This Drain Master is fabulous! No more leaning down to pull a handle that is hard to move and sometimes breaks in the half open position, making the black waste tank useless. No more repairs on the handle and no more messy hookups.

John G.

Mountain Home, ID

The greatest thing since sliced bread! No more getting on your knees to open those waste valves, simply push the button and its done. Your trips to the dump station are clean and simple with Drain Master!!


All Seasons RV, Michigan

Since putting Drain Master in stock, we’ve experienced great response. We chose Drain Master over other brands because we felt that their design was far superior to the other brands. Also, the service we’ve received has been outstanding!!


Parts Manager, Micael Hohl RV, Nevada

Drain Master will enable me to operate the holding tanks so easily, without bending, kneeling and strain. A bad back and knees made opening and closing the valve very difficult. My toughest job is now my easiest.
Thank you for the great product.

P.S. Your new sewer hose is the best ever!



360 Roof Vent

Smell disappeared within 15 minutes. This is an excellent product.

Lloyd Baker

Since installing the siphon vent on my 2005 Holiday Rambler motorhome it has eliminated all of the sewer odors from inside the motorhome. This product is amazing. I am very pleased with it’s ease of installation and performance.


Apple Valley

I mounted 4 360 Siphons on our Dutch Star motor home and traveled 9200 miles this summer. WOW. What a difference they made. I started the trip using chemicals and stopped using them after 5000 miles. No one in the coach noticed the difference. They work.

Al S.

Felton, PA

The RV 360 Siphons are awesome! I have a seasonal site and every time I dumped my black tank I had a strong odor in the trailer. After installing them I haven’t had any odor inside the trailer. I’ve dumped the tank 6 times after installation and all with the same results. They work great!
Thank You

Duane Miller

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO. The RV in the “RV-360” stands for real value! Finally an end to those funky ODORS. Thanks for a great product.

Dave & Linda Thomas

Queensbury, NY

I’m 60 years old and living a life-long dream of living full time in an RV. Even though I really enjoy this lifestyle, I realized it was causing me a serious health problem.

On windy days, or when I towed the trailer, air was being forced down my stack pipes, increasing the pressure in my holding tanks and causing sewer gas, known as Hydrogen Sulfide, to enter my RV. This chemical odor is always unpleasant, but in higher concentrations can not only make you sick, but can actually kill you.

I experienced extreme fatigue, dizziness, headaches, disorientation, nausea, sweating, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. I literally felt like I was dying.

After this happened several times, I searched the Internet to learn all I could about this problem. I was surprised to learn that both the Black and Grey water holding tanks create sewer gas that must be properly vented.

I then researched all the Stack Pipe Vent Caps on the market. I read all the websites and even went to the RV stores and inspected all the available caps. Nearly all of them used moving parts that would accumulate dust and dirt and, through friction and wear, would eventually stop working or break.

The vent cap design from 360 PRODUCTS made the most sense to me, and with no moving parts I knew they would never need service or replacement. From the moment I installed them I’ve never had another problem with odor. Great product, I couldn’t be more satisfied. They’re a real life safer.

NOTE, the sewer gas coming out of the stack pipe is heavier than air and, depending on wind direction, can re-enter the RV through an open roof vent. If this happens, just close the roof vent and use the windows for ventilation.

John Meyer

We are pretty new to RVing and the unpleasant odor condition was a real surprise the first time we experienced it. It would come and go unrepentantly while parked, and was a constant annoyance out on the road. Opening the window to vent the coach made it even worse.

I read about the RV 360 in the good Sam Magazine and I could immediately relate to the problem. In fact every time we went anywhere in our new coach, I was trying to invent solutions in my head. Your product was new and a little pricey, but I had no choice but to try one.

We are very pleased. We drove home from camping in high winds Sunday, perfect conditions for the embarrassing fume situation, and there was nothing. In fact it was windy the whole time we traveled and camped and we never had the slightest whiff. To me, this like the ceiling vent covers, hoses, electrical adapters, furnace exhaust screen etc., which few coaches come with, and must be purchased and installed at the dealer. We thought it almost comical that a new diesel motor home would be missing so many essential components which need to be purchased separately. I now consider your product one of those essentials.

Richard Messner

Frederick, OK

I installed the RV 360 on both my black and gray tank vents, installation was easy and the results were immediate, the odor was gone in a matter of minutes and draining the tank was quicker than ever . . . SUPER PRODUCT!!!!!

Martin Loungo

Schuylerville, NY

Ease of installation, does its job well, simple/reliable construction, well designed to be functional yet attractive.


I wish this product had been available years ago.


Well worth the suggested price.

Highways Magazine (Good Sam Club)

New Product Evaluation Group

I purchased an RV360 in Yuma, Arizona. That was the best money I have ever spent. We had absolutely no odors in the coach while traveling. That was a first . . . Also, we noticed right off that there was no odors in the coach when we dumped the tanks. . . This is a great product and I am telling everyone about it.

Everet Keller

You can tell them that Ed Sawyer is a Happy Camper with two RV360s installed on his motor home, one each on the black water and gray water tanks. We no longer have any odor at all in our RV and we did before installing the RV360s. I also feel that there will be no problems with collapsed tanks when getting my tanks pumped with a vacuum truck. I also notice that when I drain the tank, it drains right away like I should and not glug glug like it did. The RV360 allows more air in the tank than the old vent cap.

Edward W. Sawyer

All the smells disappeared instantly.

Eric Blundell

A motto that I’ve lived by my whole life has been “Do it right the first time, so you never have to do it over again”. Doing anything over again is a waste of Time, Energy and Money.

I used this same logic back in 2008 when the holding tank odors in my first RV were so strong they were making me sick. I researched the problem on the Internet and first learned about the sewer gas known as Hydrogen Sulfide. Then I researched the different solutions and realized that deodorizers were not going to solve my problem. I didn’t want to make the sewer gas smell better, I needed to exhaust it out of the holding tank so that I wouldn’t be breathing it inside my RV.

When I reviewed all the vent cap, fume extractors, I realized that they all had moving parts that would eventually fail and need replacement. I continued looking until I found the perfect solution, the 360 Siphon. Yes it cost more than the others, but the advantages are more than worth it. It’s made of Polycarbonate Plastic with UV inhibitors to make it last for years, it has no moving parts that can fail, it has a very low profile to avoid damage, it eliminates the need for holding tank chemicals, and it has 3 patents to ensure it performs as claimed.

After replacing my original stack pipe vent caps with the 360 Siphon I never again had odors, I never again used chemicals, and they never needed replacement. It’s a great example of “Do it right the first time, and never do it over again”.

Sadly, not everyone wants to solve this problem, they make more money just treating the problem at your expense. Recently I spoke with a Parts & Service Manager at a large RV Dealership. I was telling him about how the 360 Siphon permanently solves the RV holding tank odor problem, and how it could save his customers a lot of inconvenience and money.

He looked around to be sure no one could hear him and he said, “Not only do we sell and install holding tank spray systems, we get a lot of repeat business steam cleaning the inside of holding tanks, and selling lots of chemicals. Why would we give up all that repeat revenue for a one-time, permanent solution. Do the math”.

Now folks, it’s your turn to “do the math”. You can permanently solve your RV odor problems with a one-time purchase of the 360 Siphon, or you can continue to be Repeat Revenue for your local RV Parts and Service Dealer. It’s your choice.

John Meyer

HepvO P-Trap

I’ve had a HepvO valve installed in my Airstream for several years and it is great! No risk of freezing and I didn’t have to sacrifice any headroom in the shower. I couldn’t be happier.

Verona, WI

We are Pat and Nick owners of California Tiny House located in Fresno CA. When building tiny houses the first thing you notice is you are working with very limited space. Plumbing, especially the waste, always consumes most of the under counter space you have available.

Since using HepvO Waterless P-Trap not only the space required is reduced but the labor to add a P-trap and vent is eliminated.We are an RV Certified builder and this HepvO drain is approved by the ANSI building codes. In short, we can highly recommend this product and have not had any problems since using it.

Pat & Nick

Owners of California Tiny House

Installed valve in bathroom sink, no more odor just like advertised. Great product!
D. Maus

Tulalip, WA

Since our Cougar fifth wheel trailer was new, we’ve had an ongoing problem with galley tank odors creeping into the RVs living quarters. Especially after long travel days. I believe the water in the P-trap would slosh out removing the vapor barrier. So, last spring I replaced the standard P-trap in our RV kitchen sink drain with a HepvO waterless valve.

I’m happy to report the HepvO valve has totally eliminated our odor problem! My wife is most pleased. As a bonus, by removing the curved P-trap, we have gained extra storage space under the sink. Another perk to the HepvO will come if we need to winterize the rig, being a dry trap no antifreeze required.I admit I was worried the HepvO might trap grease and food particles. So after nine months of full-time RVing and daily dishes, I took it apart and had myself a look. It was clean as a whistle in there!

The HepvO is a straightforward and inexpensive modification with big benefits.

Thumbs up from Ray at!


Owner of Love Your RV

Biffy Bidet

We love our Biffy. We had a Mr. Bidet product for over 15 years, and when we recently moved we knew it was time to replace the unit. Fortunately we discovered the Biffy, which we have found to be a much superior product at a fraction of the price.

Columbia, MD

Had the universal Biffy for about 4 weeks and am very satisfied with it, It was easy to install, and works as advertised. I like it especially in that I can use my regular elongated Kohler seat. I’ve used another brand that has a small seat, not too good. Will recommend it.

LOVE IT! – Just bought my first Biffy Universal. I don’t need 30 days to know that this is a great product! Love, love, love it! Wish I’d had one of these a long time ago but glad I found it. Buy with confidence.

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