Omron Double switch panel to operate 2 Pro-Series valves


Double Switch Panel, with 2 snap action, tactile switches to operate ‘Gray’

and ‘Black’ tank S2VT valves. Each switch has 2 status LEDs.

Panel may be mounted inside the RV or outside in protected locations or compartments.

Double Switch panel assembly alone, connecting cables not included.

1 Year Warranty


Integrated space saving, 2 switch panel comes with snap action, tactile switches to operate S2VT valves on ‘Black’ and ‘Gray’ tanks. Switches are a hinged style, light tactile touch, momentary contact, mounted on custom PCB assembly with RJ 11 interface sockets. Switch colors match their function and are set in color outlines on the panel. Each switch has 2 high brightness status LEDs- GREEN lights up when valve is ‘Closed’, RED when valve is ‘Open’. The aluminum panel features digitally imaged graphics protected by a 10 mil clear, UV and wear resistant, overlay. It is tolerant to water droplets and operating with wet fingers, for instance, is OK.

To operate valves from 2 locations, a 2nd Double switch panel or 1 or 2 Single Switches DM PN 5787 – DM30 – SV may be added. For example, 1 Double switch panel may be located on inside of RV or other convenient location and a 2nd one located in a outer compartment or protected area. For switches located where severe water exposure is unavoidable, use IP 66 Single switches DM PN 5787 – DM30 – SV. All Switches are functionally compatible and regardless of the switch type used, status is indicated in both.

The Double switch assembly is mounted to RV panel via 4 mounting holes using either self tapping or machine screws/nuts.
It is also fully compatible with older DM SVT valves as a drop in replacement.

Item compatible with Double Switch Panel :
• IP 66 cable DM PN 5846-IP66 20′ Rnd. Cable Ass. Each switch requires one IP 66 interface cable.

Item Double Switch Panel is often used in combination with:
• S2VT Single Switch DM PN 5787 – DM30 – SV

Technical Data



• Type: Flush mount, with 2 switches and custom PCB assembly
• Size: 4 Inch (W) x 3 Inch (H)
• Thickness 0.1 inch (100 mil)
• Material: Aluminum
• Graphics: Digitally imaged, color legends and outlines
• Overlay: 0.010 inch (10 mil) clear polycarbonate, UV and wear resistant
• Mounting holes: 0.13 inch dia. x 4, located 0.30 inch x 0.30 inch from corners
• Max mounting panel thickness: 0.269 inch [6.83 mm] • Rear clearance: 0.80 inch [20.26 mm] measured from front of mounting panel (panel seating surface)


• Type: Hinged, Tactile, Snap Action
• Color: 1 Black, 1 Gray
• Size: 0.7 Inch (H) x 0.5 Inch (W), [18 mm (H) x 12 mm (W)] • Interface: 2 x 6/4 RJ 11 sockets (1 per switch), gold plated contacts, mounted on rear PCB assembly.
• Actuating force: Apr. 4.5 Oz, [130 gms.] • Actuating stroke: 0.016 Inch (16 mil), [0.4 mm] • Illumination: Internal Bright RED and GREEN LEDs, ballasted for 12 V
• Operating life: > 100,000 cycles


Double Switch Panel Installation Instructions are covered in document link below:

DM 89 S2VT Switch and IP 66 Cable Installation

PDF Files open in a new window – view in browser or save for off-line viewing or printing

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