20 Ft. Interface Cable for S2VT Pro-Series Valves


20 Ft, IP66, interface cable for use with S2VT Pro-Series Drain Master Valves.

Connects Single Switch or Double Switch Panel to valve controller port.

1 Year Warranty


The interface cable connects the switches to a S2VT Pro-Series valve. The small diameter insulated cable carries all the signals between the switch and the valve. It has 4 insulated solid copper cores, making it relatively stiffer than multi-core wires, so its very easy to route and layout. The interface connector to the controller port is male, waterproof (IP 66 rated) and mates with the matching female on the controller port. The connector combination is good for any kind of RV even with valves mounted in an exposed location. The switch interface is a high quality, 6/4 RJ 11 plug with gold plated contacts. Each Port – Switch connection requires 1 cable.
The std. cable length is 20 Ft . Custom lengths are available- please contact us.

Items compatible with IP 66 cable:

• Single switch, sealed IP66, Carlingtech: DM PN PN 5787- DM30 – SVT
• Double Switch Panel PN: 5847- RV Dbl SW PNL

Technical Data

IP66 CABLE DM PN 5846-IP66 20’ Rnd. Cable Ass TECHNICAL DATA

• Type: Telephone, FT4, Cat 3
• Core: 4
• Wire: Solid copper, 24 AWG individually insulated, white outer sheath
• Cable OD: 3.5 mm [0.140 inch] • Length; 20 Ft std.; Custom lengths available
• Temp Rating: 60 Deg C
• Voltage rating: 150V
• Controller interface: 4 pin Male, Gold plated contacts, 13mm Dia, Sealed Waterproof IP66, with screw-on protective cap
• Switch interface: 6/4 RJ11 Plug, Gold plated, for solid core round wire.


IP 66 Cable installation instructions are covered in document link below:

DM 89 S2VT Switch and IP 66 Cable Installation

PDF Files open in a new window – view in browser or save for off-line viewing or printing

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