5891-DM-Fuse Holder, Inline


Fuse Holder, in- line, for AG3 size fuse, 20 Amp Max rating;

provides passive safety

(Optional accessory, recommended)

Holder Alone, Fuse not included


Fuse Holder is an optional accessory item, recommended for use with ALL Pro-Series S3VT and S2VT Kits. It accepts 6.3mm x 32 mm (0.25 Inch x 1.25 Inch) glass fuse, commonly known by Ind. Std. AG3 size. Fuse holder is rated for up to 20 Amp max and is used as a passive safety device in line with +12 VDC. Can be used with DM PN 5892-DM-Glass Fuse-FB-5, -10, or -15 (5 Amp, 10 Amp or 15 Amp respectively) or equivalent. To select the correct fuse rating, based on the number of valves, refer to Doc DM104 S2VT Wiring Diagram under ‘Product Manuals’ on our website

Technical Data

• Type: Twist on, in-line
• Contact loading: Internal, spring
• Voltage rating: 35VDC
• Current rating: 20 Amp
• Holder Length: 2.1″ (53 mm)
• Holder Dia.: 0.67″ (17mm) Max
• Material: Phenolic
• Color: Black
• Wire Gauge: 12 AWG
• Wire color: Red
• Wire length: 7″ (177mm) Total, 3.5″ (88mm) pig tail each side
• End Termination: Unterminated
• Waterproof: No


Fuse holder installs in series with the +12V supply line.

SCHEME 1: Common fuse for valves operated from single DC line: Connect between battery +12V to system master switch input. If Master switch is not used connect between battery +12V to the outgoing DC line to valve/s.

SCHEME 2: Independent fuse per valve: Connect between master switch +12 V output to each outgoing +12V supply line to valve.
Barrel or butt crimp-on splicing connectors are recommended to connect the wire ends.
Other connection methods may be used as long as connection is solid and secure.

Fuse holder is meant to be installed in a protected but accessible area or compartment, not exposed to water. If water exposure is expected and inevitable use a waterproof IP 66 rated holder available from most auto stores.

For a schematic showing the Fuse connection follow the link below:

DM91 S2VT Wiring Diagram

PDF Files open in a new window – view in browser or save for off-line viewing or printing.

Fuse Holder does not come with fuse. Select and install fuse based on ratings shown in DM91 S2VT Wiring Diagram.

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