Waterproof Omron Double switch panel to operate 2 Pro-Series valves


NEW for 2024!
Waterproof IP66 Double Switch Panel, with 2 snap-action switches to operate ‘Gray’ and ‘Black’ tank Pro-Series valves.
This panel is designed for mounting in RV exterior locations such as wet bays or compartments or where water exposure can occur.
Each panel switch has 2 high brightness status LEDs, clearly visible in strong ambient light.
For RV interior applications use matching Double Switch Panel PN 5847 or select from our range of switch options

Double Switch panel assembly alone, connecting cables not included.

1 Year Warranty


• Water Proof, IP66, elegant space saving 2 switch panel
• Application : RV exterior use, such as wet bays or compartments.
• UV and wear resistant, Polyester overlay
• Overlay covers entire surface including switches, ensuring front water seal
• Pre-installed rear panel gasket provides peripheral water seal.
• 2 switches to operate Pro-Series ‘Black’ and ‘Gray’ tank valve
• Snap action, light tactile touch switches, activated through embossed overlay
• Each switch has 2 status LEDs – GREEN: valve ‘Closed’, RED : valve ‘Open’
• High brightness LEDs ensure clear status indication under strong ambient light or sunny conditions
• Switch colors indicate their function, set in matching color insets with bold legends
• Digitally imaged graphics, frosted look with clear embossed operating and LED windows
• Custom PCB assembly with RJ 11 interface sockets – compatible with all Pro Series products
• Mounts to RV panel via 4 mounting holes – stainless steel HW and Allen key included
• For operation from a 2nd location inside the RV add matching Double Panel PN 5847

Items compatible with IP66 Double Switch Panel :
PN 5955 20 Foot Cable for S3VT valves. Each switch requires one interface cable;
two per panel
PN 5846 20 Foot Cable for older S2VT valves. Each switch requires one interface
cable; two per panel

IP66 Double Switch Panel is often used in combination with:

• S3VT valve PN 6009
• Double Switch Panel PN 5847
• Mono Switch Housing PN 5964-I
• Carlingtech Single Switch PN 5787-I

Tech Data

• Type: Flush mount, with 2 switches and custom PCB assembly
• Application: Water prone RV Exterior locations, wet bays or compartments
• Front sealing : Polyester overlay over entire panel including over switches and LEDs
• Edge sealing: Pre-installed gasket seal 0.060 Inch (60mil) (1.5 mm) thick
• Panel Size: 4 Inch (W) x 3 Inch (H)
• Panel Thickness 0.08 inch (80mil) (2mm)
• Material: Aluminum
• Graphics: Digitally imaged color background, legends, insets and outlines
• Panel Finish: Gray frosted with embossed clear window over switch operating and LED zones
• Mounting holes: 0.13 inch dia. x 4, located 0.30 inch x 0.30 inch from corners
• Max mounting panel thickness: 0.269 inch (6.83 mm)
• Rear clearance: 0.80 inch (20.26 mm) measured from front of mounting panel (panel seating surface)


• Type: Hinged, Tactile, Snap Action
• Switch activation : Through the overlay
• Color: 1 Black, 1 Gray
• Size: 0.7 Inch (H) x 0.5 Inch (W), 18 mm (H) x 12 mm (W)
• Interface: 2 x 6/4 RJ 11 sockets (1 per switch), gold plated contacts, mounted on rear PCB assembly.
• Actuating force: Apr. 4.5 Oz, (130 gm)
• Actuating stroke: 0.016 Inch (16 mil), (0.4 mm)
• LED Illumination: High Brightness RED and GREEN LEDs – high visibility in strong ambient light
• Operating life: > 100,000 cycles


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