Waste Master Sewer Hose Enclosure for 20 Ft Waste Master Hose


The Waste Master Enclosure stores a complete Waste Master 20 Ft Hose with nozzle PN 5816.  The Hose folds in a U-shape inside the Enclosure.

Click here to see graphic showing hose inside enclosure.

Mounting Bracket Kit PN 5911 provides easy Enclosure installation and wide adjustment range.

Meant for 5th wheels and travel trailers,  Enclosure can be mounted so the hose stays “always connected”.  Vent Kit PN 5903 allows air release for easy Hose extend and retract.

Enclosure can be used for storage only as well.

Hose, Mounting Bracket kit and Vent Assembly Kit are not included with PN 5856.

For cost effective shipping and ordering ease, several kits are listed on this

site and in the ‘Features’ tab.

Fits majority of RVs – CLICK HERE before ordering to Quick Check your RV’s adaptability to the Waste Master system.

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The Gen.2 Waste Master Enclosure not only stores a complete Waste Master 20 Ft hose with nozzle PN 5816, it can be mounted so the hose stays permanently connected, eliminating the need to disconnect every time. The system totally simplifies waste management – the most challenging task for RVers. The Hose sold separately, uses patented Sta-Put technology with 4:1 collapsibility so a 20 ft hose stores easily in the enclosure with the nozzle.

To hook up, just open the enclosure door, grab the convenient nozzle handle, pull out the hose and plug the nozzle into the ground inlet. To store, close the nozzle valve, pull it out, collapse the hose back into the enclosure to re-store it with the nozzle. It’s that simple. The hose can be removed should the need arise.

A Mounting Bracket Kit PN 5911 (sold separately) mounts the enclosure underneath the I-beam or chassis. It allows positioning adaptability for most RVs to achieve the permanently connected function. The Mounting Bracket makes enclosure install convenient and easy. If you need help we will gladly provide any advice and hand holding needed and share with you examples of other installations. Man’s mind when stretched to new dimensions never shrinks back to the old – once you enjoy the convenience of a permanently connected hose you will never go back to the old ways! RVers who have this system are simply overjoyed with it and are sharing their stories with others. So will you!

Items compatible with 2nd Gen. Waster Master enclosure:

• PN 5911 Mounting Bracket Kit
• PN 5816 Waster Master 20 Foot Hose
• PN 5903 Vent Assembly Kit.
• PN 5817 Waste Master 20 Foot Hose Kit

For Permanently connected hose system use PN 5816 (20 Ft Hose) and PN 5903 (Vent Assembly Kit). The Vent Assembly Kit includes Female Cam Loc, 3/4 ” pre-threaded NPT for the Air Release valve. This allows the hose to extend and retract with dump valves closed for the ultimate in convenience.

PN 5817 Hose kit comprises the 20 Ft. Hose PN 5816 and Female Cam Loc fitting. It can be used as a Hose Store only system or in the Permanently connected configuration but requires a dump valve be ‘open’ during hose extend or retract. This method is used if the Vent Assembly Kit PN 5903 is not mounted or used for any reason. The preferred and recommended method for permanently connected configuration is the one above using PN 5816 and 5903.

Waste Master Kits offer more cost effective shipping and ordering ease. Listed below are all the Waste Master kits we offer:

• Kit PN 5912: Enclosure PN 5856 and Mounting Bracket Kit PN 5911
• Kit PN 5913: Enclosure PN 5856, Mounting Bracket Kit PN 5911 and Vent assembly Kit PN 5903
• Kit PN 5914: Enclosure PN 5856, Mounting Bracket Kit PN 5911, Vent assembly Kit PN 5903 and Waste Master 20 Ft Hose with Nozzle PN 5816
• Kit PN 5915: Enclosure PN 5856, Mounting Bracket Kit PN 5911, Waste Master 20 Ft Hose with Nozzle and Female Cam Loc Kit PN 5817

Technical Data

• Dimensions – Main Enclosure 46″ Long x 8″ High x 14″ Wide (Excludes mounting ‘Wings’ either side at top)
• Mounting ‘Wings’: 46″ Long x 1.5″ wide extend each side at top
• Max. Width at Top: 17″
• Material: ABS
• Bottom and side wall thickness: 0.1″(100 mil)
• Top Wall Thickness: 0.15″(150 mil) at middle increasing to 0.2 (200 mil) at mounting wings
• Storage Capacity: Stores WM 20 Foot hose complete with nozzle, PN 5816
• Storage Options: Primary – as Permanently connected Hose configuration; Optionally – Hose storage only.
• Security: Door Lock included
• Hinge Protection: Restaints limit door swing to approx. 150 Deg, eliminate hinge stress; smoothens hose exit
• Hose Entry Hole Dia: 4″ (Cutout required as part of install in permanently connected hose configuration)
• Hose Entry Direction: Either side wall; right or left side entry option
• Hose Entry Hole Location: 12″( +/- 1/2″) from front, 2 7/8″ below mounting ‘wing’
• Mounting System: Dedicated Mounting Bracket kit PN 5911 allows range of horizontal, lateral (X, Y) and drop height (Z) adjustments.
• Shipping Dimesions: 47″ x 9″ x 17″ (ships cardboard wrapped)
• Shipping Weight: 13 Lbs



The links below provide a set of companion documents related to the Waste Master System installation.
Select the applicable documents and follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

WM81 Waste Master 2nd Gen Enclosure and Bracket Kit install instructions
WM88 Mounting Bracket Dimensions
WM89 Drop Height and HW configuration
WM91 Vent Assembly Kit install instructions
WM90 Waste Master System User Manual – UNDER PREP – Coming soon!
WM78 Cam Loc System Dimensions

PDF Files open in a new window – view in browser or save for off-line viewing or printing


We purchased our Waste Master hose a few months back but really wanted to add the hose storage to get the full benefit. We purchased the storage box from Drain Master but were not comfortable with the installation because of the possibility of drilling into one of our holding tanks. We called Drain Master for some advice. One of the first things they asked was if we would be in the area of their shop in Hollister, Ca in the near future. As luck would have it we had a trip planned to Monterey during the summer. They told us to come by and they would be happy to do the install for us. From the minute we showed up we were treated like family. Doug and everyone in the office were super friendly and invited us into the warehouse to look at other products and accessories. The installation was flawless and looks and functions as good as a manufacturer install. The system is amazing and turns one of the more unpleasant necessities of RVing into a clean and simple process. Great product, amazing service and great people!

The Logan’s

Just had my Sewer Drain System upgraded with a Drain Master (RV Waste Master System) in Hollister, CA. They performed a great custom fit on my 2016 Solitude 300GK. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail is next to none in this category. This will make our hook-ups and stops so much easier, as we travel throughout the country…

J. Gross in California

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