Mounting Bracket Kit for 2nd Gen. Waste Master Storage Enclosure


Waste Master Sewer Hose Storage Enclosure Mounting Bracket Includes bracket and all hardware to mount a Waste Master enclosure PN 5856 to RV I-Beam or chassis.

Meant for 5th wheels and Travel Trailers, mounting bracket kit allows the enclosure mounting so the hose stays “always connected.” Vent Kit PN 5903 allows air release for easy Hose extend and retract.

Enclosure, Vent Assembly Kit and Hose are not included with PN 5911.

1 Year Warranty


The Mounting Bracket Kit provides everything needed to mount the 2nd Gen. Waste Master LCI Enclosure PN 5856. The kit includes the Bracket and matching 3/8 inch, SAE hardware set. The Bracket is a steel part, preformed, drilled and powder coat finished in Black and mounts to the underside of the RV (5th wheel or Travel Trailer) I-Beam with self tapping screws. Using 4 point support the bracket firmly anchors the enclosure by its outer ‘wings’ using the included hardware.
Documents listed in the ‘Install’ Tab show the user how to determine the bracket and enclosure location, based on the RV’s sewer outlet location and other relevant features. A wide range of adjustment is feasible.

A key factor is the ‘Drop Height’ defined as the distance from the bottom of the I-Beam to the top of the enclosure. The Mounting Bracket Kit allows Drop Height adjustment from 1 to 4 inches, covering majority of applications.

By providing all the compatible components the Mounting Bracket Kit greatly simplifies the enclosure install and alignment process. The ultimate aim is a system that enables the Hose to stay “always connected.” Simply open the door, extend the hose to the length required to use, dump tanks, then retract and restore when done. If your RV configuration requires greater drop height or needs the sewer outlet relocated, please contact us for a possible solution. We have assisted many RVer’s successfully customize their system. There may be unique situations where extensive modifications may be required which the user may not wish to undertake. In this case the Bracket Kit may be used to mount the enclosure to simply store, retrieve and restore the hose in a neat, convenient, user friendly manner.

Items compatible with Mounting Bracket Kit:
• PN 5856 2nd Gen. Waster Master enclosure for 20 Foot Hose
• PN 5816 Waster Master 20 Foot Hose
• PN 5903 Vent Assembly Kit.
• PN 5817 Waster Master 20 Foot Hose Kit

Waste Master Kits offer more cost effective shipping and ordering ease. Listed below are all the Waste Master kits we offer:

• Kit PN 5912: Enclosure PN 5856 and Mounting Bracket Kit PN 5911
• Kit PN 5913: Enclosure PN 5856, Mounting Bracket Kit PN 5911 and Vent assembly Kit PN 5903
• Kit PN 5914: Enclosure PN 5856, Mounting Bracket Kit PN 5911, Vent assembly Kit PN 5903 and Waste Master 20 Ft Hose with Nozzle PN 5816
• Kit PN 5915: Enclosure PN 5856, Mounting Bracket Kit PN 5911, Waste Master 20 Ft Hose with Nozzle and Female Cam Loc Kit PN 5817

Technical Data



• Type: Preformed, predrilled custom bracket for mounting Enclosure PN 5856
• Overall Size: 21.5″ Long x 17″ Wide x 0.95″ High
• Material: Hot Rolled Mild Steel ASTM A1011 CS Type B Sheet
• Thickness: 14 Gauge
• Finish: Powder coated
• Color: Black
• Mounting to RV: Mounts to I-Beam or Chassis with 6 Self tapping Screws, included (see below HW)
• Mounting to Enclosure: 4 point anchor support at enclosure ‘wings’ using 3/8″ HW, included (see below HW)
• Mounting Hole Matrix: 20.5″ front to back; 15.4″ side to side


• Self Tapping Screws, Hex Head, 1/4″ x 3/4″ Length, Qty 6 (pre-drilling of pilot hole required)
• Tap bolts, Hex Head, 3/8″ x 16 TPI, 4.5″ Length, Steel Zinc plated, Qty 4
• Flat washers 13/16″ OD, 13/32″ ID. 0.065 Thick, Steel Zinc plated, Qty 24
• Lock Washers, External, 21/16″ OD, 13/32″ ID. 0.065 Thick, Steel Zinc plated, Qty 8
• Hex Nuts, 3/8″ x 16 TPI, 0.325 Height, Steel Zinc plated, Qty 12
• Cap Nuts, External, 3/8″ ID x 16 TPI, 0.51 Total Height, Steel Nickel plated, Qty 4
• Semi Flex Tubing, Black, 9/16″ OD, 7/16″ ID, 20″ (cut as needed to cover exposed bolt shanks)
• Drop height adjustment range: From 0.95″ Min: to 4″ Max. (between I-Beam bottom to Enclosure top)

SHIPPING (Whole Kit – Bracket plus HW)

• Shipping Dimensions: 29″ x 25″ x 3″
• Shipping Weight: 11 Lbs



The links below provide a set of companion documents related to the Waste Master System installation.
Select the applicable documents and follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

WM81 Waste Master 2nd Gen Enclosure and Bracket Kit install instructions
WM88 Mounting Bracket Dimensions
WM89 Drop Height and HW configuration
WM91 Vent Assembly Kit install instructions
WM90 Waste Master System User Manual – UNDER PREP – Coming soon!
WM78 Cam Loc System Dimensions

PDF Files open in a new window – view in browser or save for off-line viewing or printing