Gate Valve Maintenance Kit


Cleans inside gate slide tracks which hold moving gate. Compatible with all Drain Master valve models.


  • Sensor Power cleaning solution
  • 2 seals
  • 4 nuts and bolts
  • 1 packet of Molykote 111 water resistant grease
  • Instructions


How often should you clean your valve?

The length of time between service intervals will vary

depending on usage, tank maintenance and installation

position. If the Drain Master was installed in the 10 o’clock

to 2 o’clock position over the piping (with little stress on the

piping) and you use your RV seasonally, you may never need

to do any valve maintenance. If on the other hand the valve

was installed in a difficult to reach location and with the valve

positioned at the side of the drain pipe and or you are full time

RVer you may need to include the valve cleaning procedure

in your annual maintenance schedule.