WM 2 Outlet-Hose-Kit-2-Full


PN 5940 Waste Master 2 Outlet Hose Kit- 2

Full for RV’s with 2 Sewer Outlets

If you have an RV with 2 sewer outlets, you know how inconvenient that can be when it’s time to empty your tanks.  If you’re tired of moving your sewer hose back and forth, this kit is for you.

PN 5940 Kit includes:

Qty 1- 5920 3″ Tee
Qty 5- 5661 Female Cam Loc fittings (3 installed on the Tee)
Qty 4- 5599 Red Hose Caps
Qty 2- 5922 10 Ft Extension hoses

This kit is for users that don’t have Waste Master female cam loc fittings installed on their RV yet.

Waste Master Hose [not part of PN 5940 Kit] :

PN 5816 (20Ft)
5814 (28 Ft)

[Other items are listed under Hose Replacement Parts]


We have been using the system for several months and really appreciate its ease of use and storage; great adjunct to our full-time lifestyle.

Tod H.

Santa Fe, NM