Waste Master Always Connected Sewer Hose in Motorhome Wet Bay

Motorhome - Complete Sewer Hose Systems

The sewer hose systems featured below provide the best and safest method for handling RV waste between your motorhome and the RV ground sewer inlet. The waste water transfer process should be easy, clean, and simple, with the absolute minimum chance of offensive leakage. That’s where Waste Master Hose Kits and systems help you conveniently and safely transfer your gray water and black water waste to the dumping site.

  • Industrial Grade fittings (guaranteed leak free)
  • Uses the strongest sewer hose available
  • Smooth hose interior prevents trapped waste
  • Convenient nozzle allows for shut off at the sewer inlet
  • Clear View section lets you know when the water is clear
  • Optional storage is custom fit for your Waste Master hose

Want your perfect fit?

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