Waste Master 20′ Sewer Hose Extension


Extend your Waste Master Sewer Hose an additional 20 feet while still enjoying the leak proof connections that the Waste Master system is known for.

  • Hose features the same smooth interior and crush proof construction that resists punctures, abrasions and UV rays.
  • Includes all parts shown in the picture & two red plugs (not shown in main picture) to cap off the hose.
  • The double female cam loc fitting is constructed of industrial strength ABS plastic and includes caps that stay attached with stainless steel lanyards so they won’t be misplaced.
  • Our original Waste Master Sewer Hose with the light green Polychute hose is compatible with this product as well.



With this kit you can extend your Waste Master Sewer Hose an additional 20 feet while still enjoying the leak proof connections that the Waste Master system is know for. This extension hose features the same smooth interior and crush proof  construction that resists punctures, abrasions and UV rays. It comes with all parts shown in the picture & two red plugs to cap off the hose that are not shown.  Our original Waste Master Sewer Hose with the light green Polychute hose is compatible with this product as well.



  • Smooth interior prevents unsanitary build up of waste inside the hose.
  • 4 to 1 compression ratio, best of any sewer hose.
  • Hose stays extended to desired length and then compresses easily for storage.
  • Strongest hose on the market.
  • Outer coil strengthens hose making it crush proof.
  • Cam Loc connector ensures a leak free connection.
  • Hose fits in most hose carriers for easy storage.
  • Works with our Ultimate Waste Master Storage Systems.

5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY –  The longest of any sewer hose on the market

Technical Data


Hose diameter- 3 in.

Compressed length- 67 in.

Extended length- 20 ft.



Length- Approximately 10 in.

Width- 5.50 in. (width measurement includes the arms and hinges when in the closed position)


To use-

  1. Connect one end of the extension hose to your RV’s cam loc outlet.
  2. Connect the other end of the extension hose to the double female cam loc fitting
  3. Then connect your sewer hose to the opposite side of the double female cam loc fitting and cam the arms down.
  4. Place the nozzle into the ground sewer inlet and open the valve using the lever.
  5. Dump tanks as usual


I have been a customer of Waster Master for the past four years and have been a RV’er for the past 25 years, owning class A motorhomes and 5th wheels. In my years of RV’ing the most unpleasant experience is black and grey water dumping. The bayonet style hook ups are at best inefficient and at worst a smelly unsanitary condition.

Four years ago I purchased a 2006 Alpine Apex that was fitted with the Waste Master System. After learning the workings of the system, I am extremely satisfied with the various functions the system performs. From the nozzle with open/close positions that prevent unwanted spills, to the clear plastic window at the nozzle, to determine the clean out is finished.

Friends who have RV’s and have seen how my system works, are quite interested in Waste Master, with the idea of retrofitting their vehicle or the purchase of RV’s equipped with this system. That is however, a limited option within the industry.

I do believe this is a far superior system compared to present archaic systems being installed in today’s RV’s. This to me seems to be a very strong selling point in the making of rv’s and I’m surprised more of the industry hasn’t upgraded to Waste Master. This is a system that is not limited to just Class A motorhomes, in my humble opinion.

I believe that my next purchase of a class A motorhome or other type of RV will be influenced by whether this system is installed.

Steve Davis

Good morning! We just returned from 3 weeks in the 5th wheel and I wanted to mention what a pleasure your system is to use, not that I consider the process anything but fun. So much better than the Bayonet Systems regardless of their price. Thanks for your assistance in getting the rig configured.

C. Steele
Sisters, OR

I have, over the past 10 years of owning motorhomes, purchased at least 4 different waste hose systems looking for the holy grail of dump hose set ups.

With your Waste Master Cam Lock Adapter Kit I finally seem to have found it.

Retrofitting the cam lock to my existing set up was straight forward and simple. Setting up my sewer drain hose is now simple and for the first time gives me complete confidence there will be no more leaks and the dump process will be as clean and easy as promised.

Extremely satisfied Customer,

R. Hurst

We replaced our failed Sani Con dump system with your Waste Master product about three months ago and are 1000% satisfied with both the performance and the quality of the materials used.

It’s nice NOT to have the factory-installed hoses leak anymore (the pump dripped since new) and being able to thoroughly empty the tanks in a few seconds–compared to about five minutes with the old one. The pump is a real joy–faster and it really IS cleaner.

The best part is finally getting rid of a very slight sewage odor that persisted since the first day we took our coach out, despite my meticulous tank maintenance program and use of chemicals, now the only thing the dw (Dear Wife) comments on when coming out of the bathroom is how nice the hand soap smells !!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all you help and technical assistance.

Betsy & Tom

I just installed the Waste Master Cam Loc system. I am very pleased with the construction of the hose, the connections and especially the nozzle. I think you should add a better description on your website about the nozzle on the end of the hose. It is a heavy duty ball type valve shut off, that has a very positive shutoff. I thought it might have just a flapper valve of some sort. The ball type is a great way to shut this off in a positive way, no leaks. All components are very heavy duty. Should last forever and should never leak. Well worth the money. Wish I had bought it sooner. And as a final recommendation, the people at Drain Master were great to work with.

Ron J.

Thank you for the wonderful tour of your factory and the courtesy audit of our 2008 Newell Coach Waste Master installation. I can certainly understand why we have never received a Waste Master system from you that was less than perfect. Your testing of each and every system before it is shipped is truly unique in the industry, and makes for very happy customers.

Keep up the good work.

John Clark

Vice President/Customer Service

Newell Coach Corporation

As an avid RV’er, Ellen and I spend about four to six months in our 2002 Dynasty, traveling with friends around this great country of ours. We RV ers are always looking for things to individualize our coaches as well as arranging stuff in an organized, easy to get to way. Being organized lets you carry more stuff.

Our coach has most of the bells and whistles and we have added many things in this pursuit. We recently left a Camping World store and spent less than $25.00. A real feat as we usually spend in excess of $100 per visit, four to six times a year.

As you all know, hook up item is the nastiest and most unsanitary aspect of dealing with service connections. I have spent all kinds of money on sewer hoses, supports, endless fittings, and chemicals in an attempt to make emptying the holding tanks less of a hassle. Recently I solved the problem entirely!!!

As it turns out, a friend of mine has been working on this problem for some time in a much more dedicated way than I or my friends had.

The product is called Waste Master, which makes emptying the holding tanks as simple as putting gas in a car. Drain Master Industries has designed a complete systems approach to waste evacuation and has been working with RV manufacturers to install the system on new coaches.

Seeing the unit in action convinced me I wanted it on my coach. After much arm-twisting, Drain Master agreed to retrofit my Dynasty.

The retrofit started with complete removal of the service-bay holding tanks on my coach. New holding tanks were manufactured to get the outlets in the proper position. The installation would be very simple during the manufacturing process of a motor home a simple change in design.

The Waste Master system installation went according to plan with air hookups a new electrical circuit and the heart of the system, the sewer hose, nozzle and enclosure. The enclosure door was painted to match the exterior of my coach and looks like a factory installation. We also were able to take many before and after photographs to document this experience.

We are now on our way, a two and a half month trek across the country. I am having a ball running into my fellow RV ers and showing them the cleanest dumping system ever. It’s fast, safe, sanitary and easy to use. The best part of all, Waste Master makes waste removal uneventful.

I’m happy to demonstrate my greatest addition and tell everyone about it. This Waste Master system gets a huge thumbs up from us.

Happy Trails!

Jerry & Ellen

FMCA Members

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We designed the Sta-Put sewer hose material specifically for the RV industry. Existing hoses on the market are made of sub standard material and won’t consistently do the job in an uneventful, simple and sanitary way, so we set out to fix that! With proper care and use, this industrial strength hose will perform flawlessly for many years. We are so confident in its quality that we warrant it to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 5 YEARS. The longest in the industry. This includes the hose, fittings and the nozzle.

This warranty applies only to Waste Master hoses that were assembled by our technician who has over 2 decades of experience. Hoses purchased on Amazon.com are not sold by us and do not fall under this warranty.