Back to Bayonet Adapter


Concerned about modifying your RV to use the Waste Master Sewer Hose System?  No worries.  Our Back to Bayonet Fitting simply inserts into the female cam loc you’ve just installed on your RV and brings you right back to a bayonet fitting.

  • Compact, easy to store
  • Made in USA
  • Compatible with all Waste Master sewer hose systems
  • Waste Master RV Sewer Hose Male Bayonet Fitting Converter 360785

If you anticipate needing to connect to a tote tank, we have solution for that as well. See PN. 5669.



Tech Data

Dimensions: 3 in diameter by approx. 4.75 in.


To Use:  Simply insert the male cam loc side into your RV’s female cam loc fitting, cam down the arms and you are left with a standard bayonet fitting.