5 Amp Fast Acting Fuse, Set of Qty 5


Glass Fuse, 5A, Fast Blow, 125 V

5 mm Dia. x 20 mm L

Set of 5

(Fuse Alone, Holder not included)

Compatible with Drain Master Premium Valves


Fuse is a required item for use with PN 5528 Drain Master Switch. The fuse is a 5 Amp Fast blow type and acts as passive safety device in line with +12 VDC. It protects and safe guards the valve motor in case of misuse or fault.
Note: This is NOT typically an Automotive store item.
Please use the correct fuse to ensure valve protection.

Technical Data

• Type: Cartridge, Glass, Fast Blow
• Size / Dimension: 0.205″ Dia x 0.787″ L (5.20mm x 20.00mm)
• End Terminations: Nickel Plated Brass
• Mounting Type: Holder
• Current rating: 5 Amp
• Voltage rating: 125 VAC
• Meets UL/CSA/ANCE 248 STDS
• RoHS compliant and lead-free
• Agency Approvals: CE, PSE, CSA, UL


Fuse installs in the fuse holder (integral part of Switch PN 5528 wiring)
Press down and twist the Fuse holder halves – the holder will pop open.
Remove the blown fuse. Install the new fuse then press down and twist the holder halves to lock.

For a schematic showing the Fuse connection follow the link below:

DM50 Drain Master Valve Wiring

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