28 ft. Replacement Waste Master Sewer Hose


Replacement 28 ft. Sewer Hose

The new Waste Master hose features a 4 to 1 compression ratio, i.e. each foot of retracted hose extends 4 feet. Our earlier Polychute hose was 3 to 1 ratio and had a spring action so it always wanted to be in the retracted position. The new Waste Master hose features Sta Put so when you pull it from it shorted length it will Sta at that length! The Waste Master Sta Put hose still has the helical on the outside of the hose with NO METAL wire inside making it “Crush Proof” The inside of the hose is much smoother as the liquid and solids inside don’t have to jump the helical! In addition we have added “cuffs” to each end of the hose and the “Industrial Grade” Cam Loc fittings as well as the Clear View fittings press fit into the cuffs, instead of inserted into the hose itself. The result is a “Professional Waste Transfer system” Designed from the beginning, one end to the other insures the end user has a more sanitary and environmentally friendly experience for many, many years to come.


NOTE: this is a replacement 28 ft. hose and does not include the female cam loc fitting that must be installed on the RV to connect this hose.