DrainMaster’s very own Doug Swarts, the founder of Drainmaster and the Waste Master Sewer Management System for RVs is featured in this podcast.

The system was developed out of Doug’s real-world experience as a full-time RVer.  Tired of the hassle and unpleasant mess of dumping RV holding tanks the traditional way, he got creative!

In this podcast, Doug takes you through his development process and reasons why you should embrace this technology.  Not only do customers want it, you are encouraged to adopt it before it’s mandated by the RV industry.

Waste Master uses electric drain valves, a super strong hose, and a specially-engineered nozzle that takes the disgust out of dumping tanks.

RV manufacturers do not have to install it.   The system can be installed in a few hours, which gives Dealers the opportunity to provide this service for their customers.  In this podcast, you’ll learn how.

To watch a video of it in operation, click here.