These days RV’s are available with a host of features that make them a great option for disabled persons.  Steering wheel hand controls, adapted showers, wider hallways, lower counters, electric lifts and ramps but one area that some might not think of is how they’ll handle emptying the holding tanks.

Dumping your tanks is a necessary evil of the RV lifestyle.  And while the traditional methods are cumbersome and messy for the average RVer, pulling on a T handle to open the holding tank or twisting on a sewer hose could be impossible for a person with disabilities.


We were recently contacted by Fernando who had lost both of his arms in a work accident.  Although he is now on permanent disability from work, he decided to make the best of the situation and travel the country.  He purchased a Grand Design 395MS Toy Hauler and quickly realized that he would need assistance if he was going to empty the holding tanks on his own.


He did a quick Google search and came across our website which solved the two main issues he was facing.

  1. Opening the holding tank

Drain Master Electronic Valves allowed him to simply push a button on instead of pulling on a T Handle.

  1. Connecting the sewer hose to the RV

This is customarily done by twisting on a bayonet hose.  A two handed job that isn’t always easy even for the strongest and most agile among us.

Our Waste Master Ultimate Sewer Hose Storage System was perfect for him.  The hose stays connected and stores right in the attached storage enclosure, so he never has to twist a bayonet sewer hose on again.


Fernando chose to come to us to have everything installed and you can too.  We are located in Hollister, CA which is only about 40-60 miles from some of the most beautiful cities in California.  Carmel by the Sea, Monterey & Santa Cruz so many of our customers make a trip of it.