RV Sewer Issues? Ballast Troubles? Valve Woes?

As fellow RV and boat enthusiasts, we can’t keep solutions like these a secret! Identify your problem, and match it with the ultimate solution for your boat, RV, industrial machinery, or trailer.

Open It

Flush It

Store It

Vent It

Treat It


Spend more time enjoying your travels and less time at the dump station.


Enjoy a quick-fill system rather than waiting for your ballast tank to fill.


Our 3 inch electric valve and Hepvo Waterless P-Trap might be perfect for your project.

Electronic Gate Valve, Waste System, Odor Control, & More

If you are looking for a low pressure, high volume electronic gate valve for Marine, Recreational Vehicle or Industrial use, we can help!

Drain Master designs and manufactures the most durable, sanitary, and efficient systems available.  Our hoses have a smooth interior and our sewer hose storage systems make your life easier.  We also offer a variety of other products for odor control from p-trap to sewer system.