HepvO Waterless P-Trap Valves

Hepvo Waterless P-Trap Valves with connectors
Drawing of how a Hepvo P-Trap works inside a pipe
Hepvo Waterless P-Trap Valves Side view showing Membrane

Why Choose HepvO Valves?

Numerous Applications

Perfect to elminate odors on applications where fixtures are only used occasionally, such as RV’s, guest bathrooms, holiday homes, boats, mobile homes & more. This includes sinks, showers, garbage disposals, washing machines, dishwashers and more!

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HepvO Waterless P-Trap Valve Kits

Available in 1.25 in and 1.50 inch sizes
HepvO 1.25 Inch Waterless P Trap Kit


  • Use anywhere a regular p trap is used.
  • Will not freeze.
  • Waterless – no need for trap primer.
  • Admits Air – auxiliary venting not required.
  • One Way Valve – prevents foul odors.
  • No Siphonage. No Noise. No Smell.
  • Not vulnerable to evaporation or freezing.
  • Enables multiple fixtures to be located on the same waste branch.
  • Saves cost by eliminating air admittance valves and reducing the amount of pipe used.
  • Higher flow rates and more rapid discharge from fixtures.
  • Can be used safely on all applications, even where discharge is intermittent and a regular tap would dry out.
  • Perfect to solve problems in existing failing systems and on applications where fixtures are only used occasionally, such as guest bathrooms, holiday homes, boats and mobile homes and more.

ABS adapter

Hepvo 1.5 in ABS Adapter


  • Direct glued outlet connection to ABS pipe as used on the vast majority of North American RVs
  • Greater cost savings – Sealants and teflon tape are a thing of the past!
  • Quicker and easier installation
  • Improved integrity – Makes a more successful outlet connection
  • Less chance of leaks or contamination
  • Fully rotatable for adjusting orientation, especially in horizontal installation


    Awesome product! I’ve told several people about it. I installed one in my kitchen sink and one in my bathroom sink, both of which are in my rv certified tiny house.

    ~D. Bigelow

    The Hepvo valve is just what we needed for the tricky plumbing in our remodeled bathroom. It has been working great for the past year. Very happy with it.
    ~C. Meagher

    I’ve had a HepvO valve installed in my Airstream for several years and it is great! No risk of freezing and I didn’t have to sacrifice any headroom in the shower. I couldn’t be happier.