The Quick Fill Wake System was developed as a result of extensive testing with the goal of saving fuel, reducing stress on all drive line components, and not having to need a higher horsepower engine. This is accomplished with the Quick Fill Wake System by having the boat get on plane, BEFORE adding the Ballast water to tanks! The system has Naca Ducts in the hull allowing water to come to the Drain Master Ballast Valves without effecting the wake or creating a rooster tail behind the boat. When the boat is on plane the drive simply opens the 3” Ballast valves and the water floods the Ballast tanks! When full the driver closes the valves.

While underway the driver can adjust the amount of water in either or both tanks to create the perfect wake for the current rider. When it is time to empty the ballast tanks, the driver simply opens the Drain Master Marine Ballast Valves (while moving forward) and the water rushes out of the ballast tanks in approximately 40 seconds!