Traditional wake boats add water to on board ballast tanks both under the floor and above using motor driven pumps. While this method works well it is very time consuming. As an example to add 2,000 lbs of water to a boat using pumps takes up to 12 minutes. Our fill system takes just under 1 minute! VERY FAST by comparison leaving lots more time to ride the huge wake created.

The system uses a Patented gravity method to fill the ballast tanks. While the rider gets ready to board the driver opens the 3” Drain Master Marine Ballast Valves, the water floods into the ballast tanks until the tank monitor indicates full, (usually under a minute) then closes the valves.

While underway the driver can adjust the amount of water in either or both tanks to create the perfect wake for the current rider. When it is time to empty the ballast tanks, the driver simply opens the Drain Master Marine Ballast Valves (while moving forward) and the water rushes out of the ballast tanks in approximately 40 seconds!