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360 Siphon Roof Vent (Hi-Stack version)

OEM Factory Replacement


Eliminate the "Cause" and don't just continue to treat the "Symptoms". Moving air is all around us, its a free resource that can be used as an extremely efficient tool. The 360 Siphon is designed very much the opposite of the conventional vent cap. It's patented design invites the wind from all directions and angles, channeling as much air as possible to its center. Any wind will create a low pressure, pulling out fumes. The design of the unit makes it physically impossible for high pressure or wind to enter the stack. Even when an RV is stationary, a slight wind will enable the 360 Siphon to pull fumes from any holding tank.

Please note: This is a Hi-Stack version of the roof vent which is 3.5 inches tall. If you have the generation 1 style 360 roof vent, this one will be easiest to replace it with.

This model is the best option for Tiffin RV owners. If you plan to install it on a Tiffin RV, please be sure to note that on your order and we will include a free bushing that is necessary for installation on Tiffin RV's.

SKU: 5762
Price: $39.75


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