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REPLACEMENT Waste Master Sewer Hose with Threaded Fitting

Looking to replace the sewer hose on your TRAVEL SUPREME OR BEAVER PATRIOT OR MARQUIS MOTORHOME?
This hose may look a bit different from the one you have but it is the new improved version of the Waste Master Sewer Hose.
  • Improved 4 to 1 compression ratio, i.e. each foot of retracted hose extends 4 feet. Our earlier Polychute hose was 3 to 1 so you'll notice this new hose extends farther than your old hose.
  • Sta Put feature- hose behaves like a bendable drinking straw. Pull it out or push it back and it stays.
  • Durability- The helical is on the outside of the hose with NO METAL wire inside making it “Crush Proof”.
  • Smooth Interior- Prevents waste from getting trapped inside.
  • Clear View Fitting- allows you to see when the tanks are clean.
  • Nozzle- Recent improvements to the ball valve mechanism & the nozzle material is now ABS making it much stronger.

Works as a replacement for Travel Supreme RV's and Beaver Marquis & Patriot.

Close up of threaded fitting that attaches to the RV

SKU: 5812
Price: $185.61

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