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The Biffy attachable bidet cleans you better than any type of bidet on the market thanks to its patented spray nozzle design. You are in control of the spray nozzle positioning and pressure with the simple lever design. The Biffy Universal attachable bidet is economical, at only a fraction of the cost of a free standing bidet or a toilet seat bidet.

Just lightly push back on the lever and the Biffy spray arm swings out where you position it underneath you. The spray nozzle tip ejects from its hygienic housing and activates. The water pressure is adjustable for your comfort.

Features not found in other bidets.

•2 ½” wide, 8-stream vertical spray

•Adjustable spray pressure

•Self-cleaning spray nozzle

•Rust proof poly-carbonate spray nozzle

•Dual anti-siphon valves protect your water supply

•Lab Certified to remove 99.8% of bacteria

•Constructed of durable poly-carbonate

•One year warranty

SKU: 5550
Price: $99.95

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The Biffy hides quietly along the edge of your toilet. Push its handle and it swings out and turns on. The spray pressure can be adjusted with light pressure from your thumb. Release the handle and it shuts off and hides back away.

biffy bidet personal hygieneThe Biffy spray nozzle retracts inside of its protective housing when not in use. Before and after each use, it rinses itself with a turbo spray of fresh water.

The Biffy is the only rinse available today in its price range with a built-in sophisticated anti-siphon system to provide extra protection for your water supply and fixtures. Designed to meet ASME and ASSE national standards for plumbing fixtures, you can be sure the Biffy is safe for your home and water supply!

The Biffy lets you be close AND clean.

The Biffy lets you be personally clean - anytime. It enhances intimacy, improves sexual relations and preserves dignity. You will be more comfortable and confident day or night. You really won't believe that you ever lived without it!


Designed to help you be healthy

biffy bidetThe Biffy was developed by a medical doctor to limit the spread of infection and help prevent urinary tract infections. It aids the healing of hemorrhoids and provides relief for both constipation and diarrhea. The Biffy is a great addition to feminine hygiene.

The Spray-Arm protects you because it retracts and Cleans Itself every time you use it.


Using the Biffy

Sit comfortably on the toilet seat. Push the handle back and the clear hygienic spray arm swings towards the center of the toilet, automatically turns on, and rinses you with fresh tap water. Release the handle and the Biffy shuts off, cleans itself and automatically hides away at inside edge of the bowl.

You'll love your Biffy!

The Biffy is constructed of the same indestructible polycarbonate used in jet aircraft and Ferrari automobiles! It also uses stainless steel, brass, nylon, rubberand silicone. The Biffy achieves its performance and quality through careful engineering and select materials. We are proud to warrant it unconditionally for two full years

The Biffy protects your water supply with it's built-in Vacuum Breakers and Backflow Prevention.

The Biffy is built to last, it can handle prolonged high pressure surges of over 250 PSI. It can withstand over 75,000 successive uses without fail. That's 30 years in a typical home! The Biffy is safe & approved for your home and business facility, including hospitals and hotels.

The Biffy Universal model features the same performance,safety features and durable construction, but, has a more compact design for home use. It is our recommended model forn on-commercial installations.

The Biffy Model UPC-1 is certified by theIn ternational Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials to pass all requirements of the Universal Plumbing Code for both the United States and Canada!

Installation Instructions

Easy 3-Step Installation:

1. Simply remove the toilet seat and place the Biffy on the rim of the toilet.
2. Re-mount the toilet seat with the Biffy in place.
3. Finish by connecting the hose to the water supply.

Click here for detailed installation instructions: Biffy Installation Instructions

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Your Biffy has a great warranty too.

The Biffy has a one year warranty. We stand behind the Biffy unconditionally! In fact, we offer a complete 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that you'll love you're Biffy or we'll refund your money in full.


Let us know what you think about your Biffy Bidet


Superior product at a fraction of the price Review by A Biffy Buff

We love our Biffy. We had a Mr. Bidet product for over 15 years, and when we recently moved we knew it was time to replace the unit. Fortunately we discovered the Biffy, which we have found to be a much superior product at a fraction of the price. Robert from Columbia, MD

(Posted on 2/28/13)


Great product Review by jfourstar

Had the universal Biffy for about 4 weeks and am very satisfied with it, It was easy to install, and works as advertised. I like it especially in that I can use my regular elongated Kohler seat. I've used another brand that has a small seat, not too good. Will recommend it.

(Posted on 11/19/12)


LOVE IT! Review by Sharon

Just bought my first Biffy Universal. I don't need 30 days to know that this is a great product! Love, love, love it! Wish I'd had one of these a long time ago but glad I found it. Buy with confidence.

(Posted on 10/17/12)


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WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty - Repair or Replacement