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So, you've upgraded to our Waste Master Cam Loc Sewer hose system but what if sometime in the future you need to connect with a bayonet fitting?  For instance to a honey wagon.  This is the perfect fitting to have on hand for such situations.  This Back to Bayonet Fitting has a Male Cam Loc on one side and Male Bayonet Fitting on the other side. Simply insert the male cam loc side into your RV's cam loc fitting, cam down the arms and you are left with a standard bayonet fitting.-  Dimensions: 3 in diameter by approx. 4.75 in.   If you anticipate needing to connect to a tote tank, we have solution for that as well. See Pt. 5669.

Part Name: Back to Bayonet Fitting



SKU: 5629
Price: $31.46

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