Drain Master Pro-Series Valves

The perfect solution for emptying your holding tanks! Our Smart Valve Technology is the answer to simply pushing a button to dump your waste. The 12vdc 3” gate valve is powered by the most advanced custom on board controller, insuring completely reliable performance over time. The valve is installed on your gray water holding tank and/or your black water holding tank and then opens or closes with the simple push of a button from the 2 LED operator switch mounted at your favorite location.

  • Dump your tanks with push button ease
  • Add a second switch or 2 switch panel inside your RV
  • System features L.E.D. open valve indicator (RED) as well as a closed (GREEN) indicator
  • Easily adaptable to future automation
  • Slim profile, dual port waterproof controller
  • Gate opens/closes in 600 milliseconds
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Our Smart Valve Technology features a double-sided manual override, including an Allen wrench attached to the valve, so it is at hand when the need arises.

Coupled with our Waste Master Ultimate Sewer Hose System permanently attached to your RV, it makes dumping your holding tanks as easy as putting gas in your car! 

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