S2VT Pro-Series S2VT ‘Ultimate’ Kit for 3 Valves, 2 Double Switch Panels and 2 Single Switches


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This Kit is one of the three ‘Ultimate’ Triple kits, and includes everything to install 3 valves for 3 holding tanks operated from 2 Double Switch Panels and 2 Single Rocker Style Switches

Functionally the 5933 kit is the same as that seen on: www.rvtravel.com but offers 3 valves, 2 Double Switch Panels and 2 Single Switches, IP66 Waterproof.
The full kit includes:

3 Pro-Series S2VT valves with dual port modules, waterproof IP66 rated
2 Double Switch Panels
2 Single switches, sealed IP66, Carlingtech 
2 Switch Plates with Gray, Black and Galley Labels
6 Interface Cables, IP 66, 20 Ft 
Seals, Lube and Hardware for 3 valves

Have 4 tanks on your RV?

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Pro-Series Valves come with a 5 Year Limited Warranty!