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DM Vent Assembly for use with permanently connected hose system and storage enclosure PN 5856.
Permits hose to extend or retract with valves closed.
Includes Female Cam Loc, Air Release Valve Assembly (ARV), all required fittings and LDPE pipe. Hose not included.

SKU: 5903
Price: $110.00

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The ultimate in convenience, the DM Vent Assembly when used with a permanently connected hose system and storage enclosure PN 5856 allows the hose to readily extend or retract with dump valves closed. The kit comes with a Female Cam Loc prepared with the required fittings, piping, elbow and a custom Air Release Check Valve (ARV). The ARV permits air flow in and out of the hose but seals up instantly in presence of liquid flow allowing completely normal drain operation.
Hose is not included in this kit.

DM Vent Assembly Kit install essentially follows the steps as outlined in DOC 'WM 74-4 Cam Loc Installation' which can be downloaded or viewed at our web site under the Product Manuals Tab. Few additional steps required for installing the Vent are simple as the female Cam Loc comes pre-prepared to accept the vent. The added procedure is under preparation and will be posted here soon. Meanwhile please call us Toll Free at 877 787 8833 or email us- our team will guide you through the added steps with supportive pictures to assist.