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Pro-Series Drain Master Valve Kit 5878

The Pro-Series Drain Master Valve Kit is a starter or replacement to install 1 valve on a holding tank.
Switches and Cables are not included and can be purchased separately as needed to configure the system to your requirement.

5878 includes:

1 Pro-Series S2VT valve
with dual port module, waterproof IP66 rated
Seals, Lube and Hardware

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Pro-Series Valves come with a 5 Year Limited Warranty!

**Due to high demand, Pro-Series valves will ship 10-13 working days from order placement**

SKU: 5878
Price: $188.72

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Drain Master, Smart Sensing Valve Technology - S2VT- features a custom designed, slim profile, waterproof IP66 on-board electronic controller which handles 12VDC directly to the valve motor eliminating power loss regardless of the distance from the operator switch. The electronic controller opens or closes the valve in under a second. The movement is independent of the switch pressing time. Using high accuracy solid state sensors and feedback the controller stops the motor at the target position, vastly improving overall reliability and precision. The system is reverse polarity protected and features a power-on LED. At power up the Green LED on the Controller lights up and the valve will home to 'safe' closed position. The controller, connectors and interface cables are waterproof (IP 66 rated). The 12 VDC connector is a standard Molex 2 Pin style. A waterproof 12 VDC 2 pin connector is an available option. All operator switches (purchased separately) feature two LED lights - GREEN when the valve is closed, RED when the valve is Open. The controller has two ports ensuring upgradeability. Adding a 2nd operator switch, for example, inside the RV for the ultimate in convenience, is a breeze and the small round interface cable is easily routed.

Select from the following compatible items required to complete the system to your needs:

Single switch, sealed IP66, Carlingtech: DM PN PN 5787- DM30 - SVT.
• Double switch panel with digitally imaged graphics - 'Black and 'Gray': DM PN 5847-RV Dbl SW PNL - features 2 soft touch switches to operate 2 valves; install in protected location
• Single switches and Double Switch panel may be used in combination.
• IP 66 cable DM PN 5846-IP66 20' Rnd. Cable Ass. Each port to switch connection requires one IP 66 interface cable.

Often bought together accessories:

• DC 20 AMP System Master Switch DM PN 5890-DM30-20Amp SW- allows the system to be safely enabled or disabled
• Fuse Holder DM 5891-DM-Fuse Holder
• Glass fuse 5892-DM-Glass Fuse-FB-5, or -10 or -15 (5 Amp, 10 Amp, 15 Amp respectively)

More information on pre-configured S2VT Valve kits and optional accessories is available at:
DM90 S2VT Valve Configuration Guide.pdf

• 12 V DC, 3’’ Full flow valve
• On board Electronics Controller with feedback gate position control.
• High accuracy Semiconductor position sensors
• IP 66 Compliant – water proof, sealed electronics & connectors
• Reverse Polarity protected
• Power-On safe ‘homing’ to closed position
• Operating time: 0.5 sec Typical at 12 V; 0.6 sec max
• Sensors provide Red (Open), Green (Closed) LEDs status to operating switch
• 2 ports for 2 switches (2nd switch option)
• Port Interface: Waterproof IP66 connector, 13 mm Dia., 4 pin female, gold plated contacts, screw-on protective cap
• Compatible with 2 types of switches - for exposed or protected locations
• Green Power On LED on the on board controller
• Back up Active motor safety: Internal timer 0.7- 0.8 seconds
• Voltage range: 10.8 volts – 14.4 Volts. 12 V Nominal
• Stand by current under 50 ma with 2 switch LEDS active
• Slim profile, under ½”, on-board controller – fits tight spaces
• 303 Stainless Steel Swiss made internal gearing
• Durable ABS, injection molded Valve Body and Parts
• Manual Override from both sides of valve with 1/8” allen key included
• Easily attached to 3" ABS male or female bolt-on flange fittings. Bolts Included
• Adaptable to most pipe sizes with proper fittings
• Special Seals Included
• Lubricant Dow Corning 111 included
• Optional System master switch to enable/disable system: 12VDC, 20 amp recommended in +12V DC supply line (user supplied item; may also be purchased as an optional accessory from Drain Master)
• Optional Passive safety: Fast blow fuse recommended in +12 VDC supply line (user supplied item; may also be purchased as an optional accessory from Drain Master)

S2VT Valve Installation Instructions

Use the links below to S2VT Companion Documents.
Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

DM 88 S2VT Install Instructions
DM 89 S2VT Switch and IP 66 Cable Installation
DM 91 S2VT Wiring Diagram

PDF Files open in a new window - view in browser or save for off-line viewing or printing.

Application information on S2VT valve kits, products and accessories is available at:
DM 90 S2VT Valve configuration guide

PDF Files open in a new window - view in browser or save for off-line viewing or printing