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Another Option for Permanently Connecting your Waste Master Hose on your RV

Here at Drain Master, we had the pleasure of meeting one of our customers last winter when he and his wife stopped by to get some help with a modification to their RV that would make using their Waste Master Sewer hose system even cleaner, easier and trouble free.  Ray and his wife Anne have a wonderful website where they share their full timing experiences, RV tips, upgrades and modifications. Ray posted and excellent article and supporting video, detailing the modification which you’ll want to check out.  Once you’ve read it go ahead and explore the site further. We think you’ll find many interesting tips and articles.

Excerpt from by Ray Burr

You may remember last year I gave the Waste Master RV Sewer System a full Love Your RV review. I was very impressed with the design and quality of the hose and connections. In the last year, it hasn’t failed to live up to my high expectations.

The only major beef I had with the sewer hose was the permanently attached 90-degree head, storage was an issue. It would not easily slide into the rear bumper like my old hose did. I ended up building a custom carrier for it mounted on top of the bumper. This arrangement worked well enough however I’ve since come to realize there may be a much better solution.

Soon after my review was published I was contacted by Doug Swarts of He is a long time RVer and the designer of the Waste Master Sewer System. Doug informed me he envisioned the sewer hose to be always hooked to the RV. Therefore it would be unnecessary to decouple it between campsites. No more dribbling stinky slinky to deal with when breaking camp. The Waste Master hose would live in its own storage box or sleeve.  Read the Full Article HERE

woman relaxing in the pool with a sunhat - let the best rv sewer hose do the work

It May Be Possible To Retrofit Your RV and have the Waste Master Sewer Hose System Permanently Connected

During your time in the RV lifestyle you may have seen different versions of the Waste Master Sewer Hose System. This heavy duty sewer hose with its patented nozzle is in a class all its own when it comes to dumping the holding tanks on your RV. This system may offer the best RV sewer hose by eliminating the dump hassle. Waste Master first appeared on the scene back in 2007 and was standard equipment on various Beaver, Foretravel, Travel Supreme, Western Rec, Carriage and Newell models. These RV’s had the advantage of having the hose permanently connected at all times and stored in a convenient storage system with a locking door. They even had a handheld remote that pulled the hose back into the RV when finished. Dumping the holding tanks suddenly wasn’t the dreaded chore that it always has been, for the owners.

We wanted to bring the same convenience to all the folks that already own their RV’s and Fifth Wheels, so we launched the Waste Master Adapter Kit, to install aftermarket. While it may not be possible to retrofit your RV in the same way as the high line coaches mentioned above, we like to think outside the box and have come up with different ways to ensure that our customers can use the Waste Master Sewer Hose System. We also have an enclosure for 5th wheels and travel trailers. In this article written by Greg Gerber of RV Daily Report, you can see how we were able to set him up with a permanently connected Waste Master hose with minimal changes to his sewer bay.

With less hassle to dump holding tanks, this may be the best RV sewer hose yet! So sit back, relax, and let the Waste Master system do the work for you.

RV Daily Report features Waste Master’s Doug Swarts

DrainMaster’s very own Doug Swarts, the founder of Drainmaster and the Waste Master Sewer Management System for RVs is featured in this podcast.

The system was developed out of Doug’s real-world experience as a full-time RVer.  Tired of the hassle and unpleasant mess of dumping RV holding tanks the traditional way, he got creative!

In this podcast, Doug takes you through his development process and reasons why you should embrace this technology.  Not only do customers want it, you are encouraged to adopt it before it’s mandated by the RV industry.

Waste Master uses electric drain valves, a super strong hose, and a specially-engineered nozzle that takes the disgust out of dumping tanks.

RV manufacturers do not have to install it.   The system can be installed in a few hours, which gives Dealers the opportunity to provide this service for their customers.  In this podcast, you’ll learn how.

To watch a video of it in operation, click here.

Mississippi motor home driving alongside forest - NERVDA brings Rollin' on TV to New England

Rollin’ on TV Rollin’ into New England

New partnership with NERVDA brings popular TV show to
RV enthusiasts throughout New England starting in May

Hudson and Mattapoisett, MA (March 2016) – The nation’s most popular consumer RV show, Rollin’ on TV, is finally coming home. The show has been produced by Jose Moniz in his Mattapoisett, MA studio for five years but has never been aired in New England.

That will all change in May as Moniz partners with the New England RV Dealers Association (NERVDA) to launch the successful program on NESN, the New England Sports Network, which is owned by the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins and delivered to over 4 million homes throughout the six-state New England region and nationally as NESN National. The definitive source for New England sports programming, NESN has consistently been one of the top rated regional sports networks in the country and was the first regional sports network in the country to originate every game and studio show in high definition.

Bob Zagami, Executive Director of NERVDA, said, “We are ecstatic to finally have this great show available for RV enthusiasts throughout New England. With the support of four great dealers, we are now able to sign contracts and have Rollin’ on TV visiting their locations to shoot their ads. The four dealers participating in the launch of the show on NESN are Forrest Marine & RV Center (Tyngsboro, MA) Scott’s Recreation (Manchester, ME), Seacoast RVs (Saco, ME) and Campers Inn RV with four locations in New England (Manchester and Kingston, NH; Raynham, MA and Union, CT.) Their vision and commitment to this show have been the driving force to bring Rollin’ on TV to new prospects and showcase their dealerships beyond their traditional marketing programs.”

Rollin’ On TV is a weekly half-hour program that’s designed to be both entertaining and informative. The show airs on both cable and on Dish and Direct TV Networks and can be seen on various stations around the country including ABC, FOX, CBS, WB, MyNetwork TV, COX TV along with independent stations and major regional sports networks including COX Sports, Altitude Sports and MIDCO Sports. Many of the stations carrying the program, specially the sports networks, air the show multiple times each week. ROTV airs on average 23 times each week. Every day, seven days a week ROTV is airs somewhere in the country, and when combined, the show reaches over 30,000,000 homes nationally and has actual, average viewership of over 325,000 homes weekly.

Moniz, equally pleased that the show will now air throughout New England, noted, “As a New England based company, this has been a television market we’ve wanted for some time but getting airtime on a station/ network that cover all of New England is difficult. This new partnership with NERVDA has enabled us to put this program package together with NESN and we’re definitely looking forward to our airdate of May 19th.

I appreciate the hard work Bob Zagami put into this effort in bringing these RV dealers together and we are looking forward to working with all of them, and NERVDA, this year.”

Dates and airtime information are available on the show website on the TV Schedule page.

Scott Lanpher, owner of Scott’s Recreation in Manchester and Turner, ME joined NERVDA because of this new member benefit and said, “Rollin’ on TV will help reach more potential and existing customers while providing those same customers with extremely helpful information. Scott’s Recreation is pleased to be part of bringing Rollin’ on TV to the Northeast!”

New England’s largest park model dealer, Seacoast RVs in Saco, Me, was one of the first dealers to sign on as an advertiser. Linda Mailhot, who owns the dealership with her husband Michael, noted, “Education is the key to everything. If we can educate consumers on the value an RV can add to their life and then on the different types of RVs out there, that is a win-win for everyone.”

Forrest Marine & RV Center in Tyngsboro, MA was the first dealership to sign up for this opportunity. Bruce Flanders purchased this fifty-seven year family owned dealership in 2005 with his wife Sue, is excited about moving into television to reach a larger audience. Flanders noted, “This dealership has been exclusive to Jayco since 1968 and we know they have been very pleased with response from their visibility on the show. We didn’t think twice when NERVDA presented this opportunity . . . in fact I texted Bob during the conference call and told him to sign us up. We think this is great publicity with viewers who are already interested in the RV lifestyle and we want them to know where to find us!”

Campers Inn RV, with 15 locations along the Route 95 corridor from New Hampshire to Florida has signed on for a local ad for the New England shows and a national ad that will be shown throughout the country. Ben Hirsch, COO, said, “NERVDA continues to provide value to the dealers in New England, and the partnership with Rollin’ on TV is just another example. This program will allow us to get in front of our consumers – Active RV owners – in a way that is more focused than other forms of advertising.”

Video shooting at the dealerships begins next week and the show will start airing in May.

Contact information for Rollin’ on TV:

Jose Moniz
Rollin’ On TV
PO Box 322
Mattapoisett, Ma. 02739

Contact information for NERVDA:

Bob Zagami, Executive Director

360 Siphon Roof Vent Installation Video- New!

Considering buying a few 360 roof vents to get rid of the smell in your RV once and for all?  Check out this wonderful video from the RV Geeks.  It walks you right through the process.  Click the link below to see the video

How To Keep Your RV Odor Free

handyman with tools and extra arms - DrainMaster - tip for seal installation

Handy Tip for DrainMaster Seal Installation

Our customer Darrel Shearer called DrainMaster to share his solution to installing his Drain Master valves on his RV. Darrel had had trouble keeping the seals on the flanges while trying to slip the valve between the flanges. The RV manufacturer left no room to separate the flanges and located them under the RV in a very awkward place to work.

After fighting the plumbing and having the seals slip out of position causing the valve to leak through during testing. Six or seven attempts later with no success, he decided a better method was needed.

Darrel found an old FOR SALE sign laying around, the kind you buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot to sell, rent or warn or inform people. The material is thin plastic, so he cut a couple of strips and after installing the seals on the flanges he slipped the two strips of plastic over the seals, then slid the valve down between the strips. Once in place, he carefully removed the first strip and then seal went into the valve perfectly. Darrel then removed the second strip and to his delight, the other seal went right into position! Because his flanges were so close, he simply moved the valve slightly to align the bolt holes, installed the bolts and nuts finger tight and tightened the nuts (no more than 1.5 turns), plugged in the valve and proceeded with his test by adding water to the holding tanks. Success!! The procedure came from desperation and is very simple and VERY effective!

Darrel was excited to share the information with us so we could pass the idea on to other RV’ers. If you have a tip that has made installing your valve easier, we would love to hear it!

Check Out This Blog by a Fellow RVer and Drain Master Customer

Erik has his own blog  and he, like the rest of us have expectations when dealing with businesses. You can read the whole article on his site, but I thought it worth posting what Erik has to say about us as well as other companies, that believe that “The customer is king” without our customers, no one has a job! We love to help RVers solve waste managment issues and in the process hope they find our products worth purchasing. Thank you Erik for putting our site on your list of sites to visit.

Here are a list of some sites that I’ll also put on the side that I have found helpful in diagnosing the various maladies I have had to re-fix after the dealer failed to do so. For the forums, if you’re new to RVing visit the beginner section of the forums, they are a great way to discuss this lifestyle! a great resource site and he has videos that explain many fixes for free.

I have learned a lot about drains and RV tank venting from this site. When I need to do some upgrades it looks like they have some great products to do the job. Not sure about how to properly dump your tanks? They have a great article about that right here. The title says it all!


RV Advice Links –, there are a lot of links on this site for many things that concern RV’ers. A great forum for help!

RV Industry, Would you say “China” and “RV” in the same sentence?

 This blog was written and posted in RV Insights  and we thought it worthy of posting it here, for all our RVing friends to read. Our Drain Master products as well as our Waste Master and Polychute lines are made here in America with the exception of a couple of components, one of which we had to have made in China (the drive motor) because we do not have a factory in the USA that builds this type of motor. Our company goal is to always buy American or Canadian whenever possible!


a day goes by without some reference to China and the damage they are currently inflicting on the United States with less expensive, or flat out counterfeit, products
knocked off from American-made products that once drove the powerful domestic manufacturing communities that once drove this great nation to prosperity.

Economists and financial analysts are warning of future distress for America with our rising debt and the incredible amount of money we owe to China. You might wonder what all of this has to do with RVers and the RV industry!

Quite a bit actually!

In recent years we have seen many great American-made RV products shipped off to China only to see exact duplicates showing up under a different brand name in many RV retail outlets with the infamous “Made in China” imprint stenciled on the bottom of the product or clearly visible on the cardboard or plastic container housing the RV part or accessory.

I have always viewed camping and RVing as a truly American adventure with RVs made in America by Americans and enjoyed by millions of Americans every day. When I go to my local dealer to buy parts or accessories I am not going to buy anything that is “Made in China” …. Period!

One of the nation’s largest RV parts and accessories retail chains has made it a practice over the past five years to systematically take their best selling products — made by Americans — and instructed their purchasing managers to find a cheaper knock-off or alternative that can be imported from China. This simply turns my stomach.

Recently at least one RV manufacturer has taken a significant amount of money from a Chinese businessman to make RVs that would be exported to China. How long do you think it will take the Chinese to knock-off everything inside and outside these RVs? We already have Chinese travel trailers being imported into the United States!

As we approach the July 4th holiday weekend, let’s not forget that we fought hard for the freedoms we enjoy since winning our independence for America. We are losing a lot of that independence as manufacturing jobs continue to be transferred to other countries or countries like China work to destroy what is left of American companies making products for those of us that enjoy the camping and RV lifestyle.

When you get ready to head out for your summer camping adventures, check the products you are thinking about buying and if they are “Made in China” put them back on the shelf. Commit to a buy American philosophy and protect the supplier companies and manufacturers serving the RV consumer. On your way out of the store, especially if it is the big retail chain, let them know that you will not be buying anything “Made in China” that is a cheap inferior imitation of what our companies are making.

Become an informed consumer and spread the word to your friends around the campfire. Let’s celebrate July 4th and the great American spirit represented in our independence to go camping and RVing and enjoy a great lifestyle with our family and friends. And let’s commit to doing it with products made in America, by Americans, and send a message to China that the American RV industry is not for sale!

This great article was written by Bob Zagami and we invite you to visit his web site or comment on this article here, we like to hear from all RVers, as does Bob.

bathroom faucet - rv dump valve

Adding a Second Switch Inside Your RV for Drain Master Electric Valve

Over time and talking to our customers it became evident that we needed to develop a simple system for our customers, without a lot of electrical background, to install a second switch in the living space of the RV. Folks are beginning to understand the importance of keeping the gray valve closed and only open when the tank is 2/3rds full. Putting a second switch inside for the electric RV dump valve makes it simple to empty the tank with a push of a button after washing clothes or taking a shower.

showering - rv dump valve

standardized flat plugs - electric rv dump valve

We standardized on the Mate N Lock style 4 pin flat plugs many years ago.

electric wye - rv dump valve


extension cable - rv dump valve

Every valve we sell for use in RVs has this plug on the valve, unless the RV mfg. specifically ordered valves  without them.  We then offer a number of extension cables that plug into the valve and go to the operator switch wire harness so it is a simple matter of plugging each one together.

Here is a diagram that illustrates how everything plugs together.

diagram for installing a second switch for your rv dump valve


Like this idea?

Click here to order the Wye harness and click here for the extension cables (Pt 5218 – 5223).

Still have questions on how to do this or what to order?  Just give us a call. (877) 787-8833

360 products white vent with diagram - rv roof vent

Eliminate Sewer Odors Inside Your RV Forever!

So if you’ve been on our site lately you’ve probably noticed the newest offering in our lineup of RV Waste Management Products that solve any and all issues regarding that awful sewer smell inside the RV. This RV roof vent is a fantastic solution to the problem of sewer odors.

The 360 Roof Vent

rv roof vent

  1. No Fan: The 360 Siphon provides you with a smell solution without any moving parts.
  2. Quality Engineering: By creating an updraft, odors and other gasses outside the RV can no longer enter your internal air. Allergens and toxic air alike are now kept outside your four walls.
  3. Good for the Environment: The breakdown of waste occurs over three times faster and allows you to use more environmentally friendly sprays when cleaning or freshening.
    Many customers have even eliminated their use of perfumes in their RV’s because the RV roof vent is that good!
  4. User-Friendly: To add to the benefits, this product is easy to install quickly and safely with only a screwdriver and putty knife.

In summary, you can breathe easier with the 360 RV roof vent not only because it reduces fumes but it’s easy to use with zero maintenance required!

And you would expect us to say good things about it and point out it’s best features.

But maybe you’d like an outside opinion, and possibly some more info and pictures on installation.

Well, look no further than this link below. It’s brought to you by And if you aren’t a member of this forum, don’t worry, you will be able to read the article. But we think that once you take a look around, and see all of the valuable info being shared there, you’ll want to join too. And why not? It’s free.

See the product on our website here: 360 Roof Vent