Polychute and Waste Master, What is the difference between them?

We get asked all the time, “what is the difference between the Waste Master Cam Loc Adapter Kit and the Polychute System”? While they appear to look the same at a quick glance because both have the exact same hose, a green and gray combination when the hose is extended, while collapsed it is green. They both share the same sewer inlet fitting, we call it a nozzle, and both have the clear view site glass just behind the nozzle itself.

CAM LOC ADAPTER KIT                             POLYCHUTE SYSTEM

The nozzle features a shut off valve not found on any other sewer inlet fitting.

Nozzle in the Open Position

Polychute comes in a storage container (pictured above) while the Waste Master Adaptor Kit has a separate storage system (optional) that can be mounted under or in the sidewall of the RV (if there is room).


Waste Master Adapter Kit Storage Tube

The main difference in the two are the coach connections.


CamLoc is used in many Industrial applications because it is easy to use and built to last!

The Cam Loc (which comes on the Waste Master Adapter Kit) works so well because it compresses the male hard fitting into the softer rubber seal as it locks down. This simple design has been so effective that fuel or gas trucks use them to off load fuel/gas.

Polylock fitting with Male Bayonet fitting (left)

The RV industry standard bayonet fitting twists the seal as it is being tightnend, which is why they leak. The Polylock eliminates this issue.

The Polylock connection on the Polychute sewer system was designed to work like the Cam Loc but without having to change the existing fitting. That is THE main difference between the Waste Master Adaptor Kit and the Polychute system.

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