Strongest Sewer Hose Yet!

Why Did We Build This Hose From Scratch?

We discovered early on that most hoses in the RV industry are designed and built to cost, or for a completely different purpose, so we set out to create the strongest sewer hose yet–a flexible hose that would last through thousands of use cycles without the typical problems of wear-through, rust through, puncture, crushing, and weather degradation from extreme heat or cold.

Thus the POLYCHUTE SEWER HOSE was born

How We Did It

We accomplished this by designing a solid external helical wear strip with a spring effect, without the use of wire. This helical and its connecting wall are constructed as one, from a newly compounded TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanite). Simply put . . . rubberized plastic.

Why It’s Superior – The Strongest Sewer Hose

This super-tough external wear strip solves the typical abrasion problems and also protects the outer wall, while creating a smooth-flow interior. Secondly, this revolutionary Polychute hose needed to be permanently mated with fittings to eliminate the need for attaching them to the hose, thus creating one unified waste delivery system that works easily the first time, and every time, without leaks. No wonder people call it the strongest sewer hose!

polychute hose - strongest sewer hose

Over And Above Features

We also knew from customer feedback that you wanted a clear section to know when the water is runnng clean.  So we created the Clear View Fitting for the Polychute hose. The hoses are also permanently bonded [here at our facility] to the fittings, to eliminate leaking.  While our green Hose Nozzle is not new, it remains an integral feature of the hose assembly and makes dumping your tanks sanitary, easy and environmentally friendly.

polychute hose arrow on clear nozzle - strongest sewer hose